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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. samandhi
      Agree with this 100%. Absolutely love that about these headphones, because I CAN be somewhat of a bass-head at times, but with some songs it just sounds wrong. I also think that the HD700 is one of the best at driving this same wonderful sound at lower volume levels too. IMO, they don't lose that energy at lower volume levels. Now, when I was much younger I would LOVE to just crank it, thinking it sounded better just because it was really loud, and didn't distort. Now, I find that a good headphone (to me) is one that can sound great at all volume levels. MY sweet spot (with volume) is considerably less than what it used to be (or what I thought it to be anyhow).
  2. Krutsch
    The HD-700 is pretty good at maintaining it's sound across different volume levels but, IMO, the best 'phones I've experienced in that regard are Grado. They are quite good at very low listening levels.
  3. SomeGuyDude
    That's because they have no bass no matter how loud you turn them up. :p 
  4. bavinck

    Try some proper eq and see what kind of bass the same 700 is capable of. It's amazing, full, textured, impactful, slam.
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  5. buke9
    I think they were saying the lack of bass in the Grados.
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  6. bavinck

    Oh, oops. Sorry. Not paying enough attention:wink:
  7. buke9
    I do that a lot myself.
  8. SomeGuyDude
    Nah, my mistake for being vague. XP
    Definitely meant the Grados. The HD700 bass is just fine. Deep and smooth without a big hump.
  9. Kerouac
    Before I picked up my (used) HD-700 I auditioned it together with the 650 & 800 for quite some hours. For me it was obvious that the 700 had by far the best price/performance ratio of those 3 and I still enjoy it very much.
    Concerning the Grado's: I like a good (sub)bass and I sold my GS1000 and RS-2 after some time because they just were too bass light for my taste...however the PS500, now that's a different story! It definitely has plenty of quantity and quality (well controled) bass => if you ever have the chance to audition it, I think you might be surprised [​IMG]
    How much I love the HD-700, I still slightly prefer the sq of the PS500 over it. HD-700 is much more comfortable though.
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  10. Krutsch
    The longer I own/listen to the HD-700s, the more I appreciate these cans. I've even started listening to classic rock them and the sound is awesome. I spent so much time with the HD-650s that I was missing their "unique signature". Paired with my tube amp, I really think these cans have been unfairly maligned on Head-Fi.
    I still want to add a set of HD-800s to my stable because I listen more classical than everything else combined, but listening to them at meets I felt like the 700s were 95% of the way there for 1/3 the cost. I still want a pair, though...
  11. lugnut
    Since both a volume potentiometer, how are you using them ? One wide open and adjustment with the 2nd ?
  12. ironcross12
    Thinking of getting a pair of these to replace my Senn Game ones.
    Was not sure to pick these or the 650ds the 800HD seems to cost to much don't know if the price would be worth it.
    What sort of amp would i need to power them? was looking at spending about £100 on one
  13. buke9
    I don't think I would pick the HD 800's as a gaming headphone. The 700's can be a little bright for some people but the soundstage is so much better than 650's. Just about any amp can run them but I like them with tubes myself. A little Bravo Ocean might do the trick even though I haven't heard it many say it is a nice inexpensive hybrid amp. Just a thought.
  14. ironcross12
    Thanks for the info I can get the 700HD for £400 or the 800hd s for £1100 so big price jump.
    My main use will be gaming and maybe i could hook it up to my TV and use them there to watch movies.
    I just want some nice comfy headphones to use.
    Would the Bravo Ocean really do the job this is a dac and amp?
    I do like the look of this one 
    what would be my next step up from this amp to see a difference? 
  15. Xamdou
    You're getting your HD700 from a local dealer? Amazon US is selling it at about £350-ish
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