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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. DavidA
    Not even close, the HD-700 is very different headphone from the HD-598, better all around but like the HD-600 & 650 it need to be properly amped.  Since you are asking about gaming, I like the HD-700 the best for gaming, great positional audio.
  2. snapacap
    IMO, better in every way. My personal direct comparison is that the 598 is comparatively like listening through a sock. One thing to note is I find the brighter of the HD700s I have had to be more fatiguing than the 598. Sound sig wise, the HD598 has more mid-centric sound, while the HD700 has a more spacious feel, more treble spike.
    The two are quite different headphones, but for sound quality/clarity the HD700 wins for me.
  3. apaar123
    What abt gaming?
  4. snapacap
    The HD700 has better imaging (better for cs:go). If you play more casual games, like MMOs, you might find the HD598 to be less fatiguing for long gaming sessions. Most people find the HD700 to be more comfortable, so that could be another factor in long gaming sessions.
  5. Bacci
    I use both, HD598 on my portable rig (AMB y1.5 with battery and phone) and HD700 (Mac + AMB y2 + Crack) on my desk.
    There's no question HD700 has more and lower bass, is pretty much more precise at every frequency, but as others have said they can get fatiguing after some time even with a tube amp.
    Don't expect a huge improvement though. The HD598, especially its bass, actually scales up quite nicely with better gear. 
    About comfort: Everyone's head shape is different of course, for me wearing the HD700 feels like a pair of shoes that are a size to big, compared to the HD598 which is just right, a snug fit. On the other hand the HD598 can feel a bit warm on my head after a while, a problem I don't have wearing the HD700.
  6. chowmein83
    See my post here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/612502/sennheiser-hd-700-impressions-thread/5745#post_12314988

     See my other post here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/612502/sennheiser-hd-700-impressions-thread/4005#post_11646177
    In short - it's noticeably better than the HD598 for gaming and general music (as long as you're not one of the people who absolutely hate the tone).
  7. apaar123
    Which has better details,seperation and sounstage?hd700 or hd650?
  8. buke9
    700 by far.
  9. apaar123
    And bass?
  10. Sajakhaki
    650 has more mid bass, 700 has more sub bass and is more detailed, faster, more accurate.
  11. bavinck

    This is true. Also, for gaming I don't think 6xx series woukd do well as it's soundstage and positioning are not great. The 700 is amazing in that regard and I imagine it would be an excellent gaming can, if you can tame the highs or don't find it offensive.
  12. BlinkBlink
    Hi guys, 
    Thank god i just ordered my HD700+modi 2+Valhalla 2, out of bunch of choices and I'm glad I did this. Can anyone suggest that is there any recommendation of aftermarket cable to further improve the sound quality? Thanks for help.
  13. Xamdou
    I went for toxic cable's Silver poison and now for the gruesome 3 months wait time [​IMG]
  14. SomeGuyDude
    The 650's highs are a little softer as well, which can make a difference, but man that midbass hump is seriously noticeable after spending some time with the 700. I still really like them but the gap is seriously wide and I do not understand why everyone seems to regard the 700 as this bastard child of the family.
  15. Sajakhaki
    I was only talking about the Bass there but I also agree with you on the Highs.  Overall, I find the 700 more enjoyable except for long listening sessions (>2 hours) where the Highs may slightly fatigue.  Of course, having a decent tube amp helps and may eliminate that for some, but I found that with the Valhalla 2 I still had some listening fatigue after a few hours.  
    For the price they can be had now, the 700 is a much better value IMO.  It beats the 650 on pretty much everything except listening fatigue.  I know some people will probably weigh in on how the 650 scales so well, but if your looking to buy a $330 - $450 HP, I doubt your going to spend $1k plus on an Amp,etc.  Obviously, there are exceptions for people who have a ton of HP's and a huge budget.  But, I think most of us looking into sub $500 HP probably won't be spending much more than that on AMP/DAC.  IMO.  
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