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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. Me x3

    Interesting, if a picture can show that it would be superb!
    Sennheiser changed HD800's earpads between sn. 13xxx and 16xxx
  2. dazzerfong

    ​The pads aren't different in design, it's just that after more than a year of using the pads, the pads change quite substantially in shape. I'll get a picture once I get home.
  3. snapacap
    Unfortunately I no longer have access to the brighter pair of the HD700, as the point was to get a pair for a neighbor who is moving out (sadly today).
    I can say that the darker pair are Rev 1.0  & SN is in the 2,495,xxx,xxx range.
    I had also gotten the brighter pair from Solarium on the forum, I don't know if he would have any info or not, but I found this...
    What's even more interesting is that the pair he sold me were his less-fatiguing ones, yet was the brighter of the two in my testing.
    He got that pair (B) "purchased new on 1/22/15" as per the classified ad.
    Would it not be logical to say that there is likely at least 3 clearly different HD700s?
  4. bharris
    I would LOVE to own HD700's again if they were a less fatiguing. Maybe I just need to try again...?
  5. bavinck
    The site that-is-not-to-be-named has a mod on just the pads that apparently fixes the ringing in the 700, so you are probably right. Involves a bunch of sewing though so I am out!
  6. samandhi

    I would be curious to know; have you checked the authenticity code to verify they are not imitated? I can't believe they would sound THAT much different. Also, I would be curious to know the difference in manufacturing dates for both your pairs. I have had mine for about 2 years now, and they sound more like your described first pair.
  7. gibosi
    Where are you finding the serial number?
  8. samandhi

    It should be found on the box.
  9. gibosi
    While there is nothing on the box that is clearly identified as a serial number, perhaps this is what you are referring to?
    snapacap likes this.
  10. snapacap
    I did check the codes on them when I got either. They are both legit. I don't know how to check manufacture dates, and really can't on the brighter pair (see last post).
  11. Rob80b
    Old and worn pads can make a huge difference on a headphone's optimum performance, this applies even more with phones such as the HD700s and HD800s with their angled drivers.
    Almost all headphones will change their perceived tonal characteristics a little or even dramatically just from their centering in relation to the ear canal, this of course applies more so with dynamic drivers than planar magnetic with their wider distribution of the wave forms. I’ve found the HD700s and 800s with my ears will sound more tizzy pushed back, easily heard with music which has repeating maracas or sustained cymbals for example, pushing the phones/drivers more forward reduces the effect, so I can imagine that the perceived deference would be increased with worn and flattened pads.
    I remember when replacing the worn pads on my HD580/600s almost transformed them, air, sound-staging and imaging which I hadn’t noticed deteriorate over time was back.  
  12. buke9
    It really wasn't that hard to do at all. It did help at with the peaks a bit but to me muddied the bass too much that I bought a new set of pads and with the Crack I'm glad I did.
  13. gibosi
    Agree about the sewing being pretty easy. For me, smoothing out the peaks transformed the HD700 from tolerable to enjoyable, and to my ears, a bit more bass is just frosting on the cake. But of courses, my ears and my gear. YMMV. :)
  14. buke9
    I have not tried them with the Crack yet. There is no need for more bass with the Crack as it is all would want and the pad mod seemed to distort it for me that was out of a Liquid Carbon. Yes your ears your gear. We are rearranging the Theatre room and they have goon missing for now but I'll dig them out in a bit to try them out on a different setup. Just got a very unexpected bonus at work so that could be very soon.
  15. gibosi
    I use a Glenn OTL with the HD700s and I am a tube addict. lol
    Rolling a PV 200/600 rectifier, a B36 driver and quad of 6BX7 and it sounds great! :) 
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