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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. bharris
    Fiio is definitely acceptable if that's what your current budget will allow but having just spent a lot of money on HD700's you have a headphone that will reward you for the money you spend on better amplification. If you keep your eyes open for something used from the low end of the Schiit line it would be a step up without spending too much more. Going from Beats to HD700, you have officially opened pandora's box.
  2. rwrwrwrw
    I'll definitely keep that in mind, thank you.
  3. bharris
    Haha, I totally get it, it's just funny to see it written out that way. If I could, I would keep a pair of HD800's (or HD800s) for days that I want to "feel the road". 
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  4. bavinck
    I recommend a cayin c5dac. It is a dac/amp combo that is relatively cheap and provides some portability if you want it. Bit of a warmer sound compared to entry level schiit, so it helps smooth out the hd700.
  5. rwrwrwrw
    I'll keep an eye out on the classifieds here, thank you!
  6. bharris

    I agree, for my taste, with the HD700, warm is what you want. 
  7. ruinedx
    So opinions, if you are getting an HD800 for the hell of it for a different sound, and I have and really like both the HD600 and HD700 - HD800 or HD800S ?

    HD800S while I hear great things about almost seems like a band aid to satisfy those who did not like sound of original HD800.
  8. Rob80b
    For a different sound the HD800s, less engaging and cooler/analytical sounding over the 700s.
    The HD700s replaced my 600’s, bought/returned the 800s to replace the 700s but preferred to 700s until the 800S came out which eventually replaced my 700s.
    The "S"s are not a band aid solution, I can still see both 800s coexisting but the modifications/improvements (?) by Senn, while not radical do IMHO make the “S”s a touch less clinical more natural/real sounding.
  9. snapacap
    I have gotten a second pair of HD700, and strangely enough they sound significantly different.
    The first pair I had have very good clarity, and a more of a bright lean/ larger treble spike.
    The second pair are more similar to the HD650: a little dark, little treble spike, a little more bass.
    I don't know what causes this, but I like them both. Neither has any visible mods.
  10. Xamdou
    Could it be because of burning in? Or maybe cables?
  11. DavidA
    This is a first, keep posting if you notice any changes.  My GF and I have both have HD-700's but we can't tell the difference if we blind test them so if your 2 are so different its a very interesting development and might also be a reason for some of the wildly different impressions about the HD-700.
  12. bavinck

    Based on what others say about the 700 I feel like I have a darker version.
  13. snapacap
    Both are possible, but the cables don't appear to make much of a difference; neither of the stock, nor either third-party cables. My best guess would be burn-in. The darker-sound one smells less like a chemical factory, so the logic would add up.
  14. slex

    Is the batch number near ?
  15. dazzerfong
    I'm going to go ahead and say it's the pads. I compared my old split pads with the new ones: definitely had a difference.
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