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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. IYAshike
    No bias then, l take it back [​IMG]
    Enjoy them both! [​IMG]
  2. ruinedx

    I will though after hearing the hd700 I am curious about the hd800! The hd700 soundstage caught me off guard in a good way.

    Question is, how does hd800 and hd800s compare to hd600 and hd700 sound?
  3. buke9
    The 800's are the soundstage King . They tend to be closer to the 700's but the 800S tends to be a bit of the cross between the two. Less of the high end sharpness and a bit better bass. They can be picky about amps though. A par of modded 800's can be very nice indeed straight up need a good amp to tame them. Just my opinion.
  4. Me x3
    If you are referring to HD800 vs HD800S that's debatable.
    HD800S should be warmer because it has less treble. According to some sources it has higher distortion in the bass. More pleasant probably but not necessarily better.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  5. ruinedx
    Thanks for responses guys.

    I also noticed Amazon no longer sells the HD800 and put on the product page that it was replaced by the HD800S.

    This is usually what they put up when a product has been discontinued.

    I thought the two were going to coexist, or has that changed?
  6. buke9
    OK a bit more pleasurable bass then.
    Me x3 likes this.
  7. bharris
    Is less pleasant what you're looking for? lol
  8. lugnut
    Go back and look to the right side of page !
    They(HD800) are in stock and ready to ship.
  9. ruinedx

    As far as I can see only third parties are selling on Amazon marketplace. Amazon themselves do not appear to be selling the HD800 currently and are redirecting people to the HD800S which they do carry.
  10. slex
    HD700 just arrived . Gonna find why somone like it and hate it:grimacing:
  11. Me x3

    Nope, I appreciate accuracy and that's why I keep my HD800 instead of moving to HD800S.
    (According to some sources) a trusty AKG K702 measures better than the HD800S in the lower bass.

    I use my HD800 for those recordings where its bass quantity is enough for my preferences.
    For recordings that need a slight boost in the bass region I simply pick the Tesla T1 (or the HD700 by the way)

    HD800S is still a neutralish headphone and not a great match for poor recordings anyway.

    If HD800S is your only headphone and you normally listen to a wide variety of music, and you are not willing to use a top class parametric equalizer like DMG Equilibrium, then it surely is a more pleasant headphone than HD800.

    If you have only one car, you don't normally pick a Ferrari 599, but it's a superb car for track days only.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  12. DavidA
    Amazon still has them but they are "fulfilled by" others which is still not that bad.  The HD-800S while sold by Amazon is cheaper from others.
    The HD-700 is a fun sound compared to the HD-800, a bit more forgiving with sub-par recordings and just a little easier to drive properly IMO.
  13. rwrwrwrw
    New member here! The "best" pair of cans I have right now are the Beats Studio & Beats Studio Wireless. Just purchased the HD700 off of a member here. How big of a difference do you think there will be? Research suggests the HD700 is the best for Classical, which is the only genre I listen to. Hope I made a good decision ... [​IMG] 
  14. dazzerfong

    ​Errr, big?
    One hell of a jump from Beats to the HD700. Which makes me wonder why you bought Beats for classical..........
    Make sure you get an amp. Any decent amp.
  15. rwrwrwrw
    Thanks for the advice! I really had no idea about anything audio related. What's the cheapest amp I can get away with? Stuff from Fiio acceptable?
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