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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. MWSVette
    Only 150 ohms vs 300 ohms...
  2. dazzerfong

    But sensitivity is lower.............
  3. buke9
    150 ohm and 105 db sensitivity it's going to be pretty easy to drive. Just looked it up I didn't realize they were that sensitive.
  4. ironcross12
    Yeah i have ordered them today so will have them Friday. I had a quick go in the store seemed very comfy and sound was good but im not Audiophile.
    I liked the look of them and how they fit.
    Im so confused on the amp lol dont know what one to go for. sound card, USB, big amp little lol.
    was recommended in store http://www.richersounds.com/product/dacs/asus/xonar-essense-stu/asus-xona-esse-stu#inline
    Creative SOUND BLASTER E5
    Full size http://www.richersounds.com/product/amplifiers-receivers/cambridge-audio/topaz-am10/camb-am10-blk
    But i will be running my Senns 700HD from my built in sound card untill i pick one.
  5. Conext
    I use them with my Sony ZX2 and they sound fantastic and powerful (for my purposes). And let's be honest--Sony has never been known for powerful portable DAPs.
  6. buke9
    They quite nice out of my QP1R also.
  7. DavidA
    I think you might be surprised that your sound card will drive the HD-700 quite well, my GF used to use a Fiio X3 and her HD-700 almost every day when she walks our dog, she liked the open nature of the HD-700 so she could still be aware of her surroundings.  These days she uses a ypsilon driver build that I put together a few months ago, lighter and more dynamic than the HD-700 but you give up the sound stage but for her favorite music its not a problem.
  8. ericp10
    So a retailer messed up a recent order of mine, and to make amends offered me an open box HD 700 for $220. I hope it's worth it. I get them Friday. 
  9. MWSVette
    For that price how could you go wrong.  If you do not like them let me know.  I will give you $220.00 for them.
    Plus they are a very under-rated set of headphones.   Good luck...
    ericp10 likes this.
  10. bavinck
    If you don't like them you could easily sell them for double that.
  11. ironcross12
    Got my HD 700 today they sound great. but my box was a little beat up sent in a bag with no protection for the box.
    So think it took a few bangs in delivery.
    also the wires were connected and no seals on the box. the show have offered me £40 compensation or a full refund. 
    I'm not sure what to do just a little worried incase they are not new.
    they look brand new and smell new i dont see any wear or use on them.
  12. ironcross12
    more  IMG_6268.jpg
  13. bavinck
    Don't worry about it - hardly any damage to the box to even notice. Looks new to me! 
    Important: how do you like the sound?
  14. ironcross12
    I took them out before i took the pic and i wrapped the cable back at the bottom so looks messy. But when i got them the cable wrap looked professional.
    They smell new and have no marks. I just got a little worried i guess they are from a good store also.   http://www.richersounds.com/
    The manager was nice and said i could have £40 back for the box getting beat up on delivery i paided £400 so then they would only cost me £360 so seems a good price. if they have been opened i don't think they was used. just a little worried
    Said i have a week to think about it and told me to use them.
    I do like the sound feel great on. Im not a big audio guy more a gamer but listening to this now i like classic musci but never really listen to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgpJVI3tDbY
    I like Coldplay alot and i can here alot more sound quality with these on.
    Im running them from my MOBO built in sound card
  15. IYAshike
    If it helps, the box where mine came was more deteriorated than yours, also lacking factory seal. l can't recall whether the cables were plugged in or not to the HP. l've looked for the pictures l took before unboxing but, unfortunately, l don't have them with me now (l'm temporarily away from home). 
    l find the ear-pads and especially inside mesh rather hard to clean from little hairs and so on, meaning it would be easy for you to spot if only one 'particle' (hopefully giving away if HPs have been used or not).
    l bought mine in amazon.de (just in case).
    l understand your concerns, though. l hate receiving products that aren't factory sealed and, lately, l simply send them back. IMO, knowing you're the first person putting on those HPs on your head (and using those ear-pads for the first time) is definitely worth more than '40 quids' (as always, YMMV... so does your budget).
    You can send them back, wait a few extra days and get a factory sealed pair. You could even try them now, decide whether you like their sound and then decide what to do. It's you call! 
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