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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. ironcross12
    Yeah seems they dont come in a outer box :frowning2: just the main box.
    I have been looking online on ebay at some for sale that are new and they look the same as mine did my cable tie was very neat and wire was bent like it had been wrap professionally very neat.
    I have looked at inside the ear pads and foam and all looked fine. i used them then rechecked with a UV light and there is some light bits of dust i think that could be just off the air and my use. they look brand new.
    I googled it and seems some people have spoke about boxes not being sealed on this thread. They did say it was the last pair in the factory as i had to wait for them to ship to my house.
    On Amazon UK they are £470 but on Amazon.de i can pick them up for £390.
    Im thinking of maybe ording from Amazon.de and returing these 
  2. IYAshike
    OMG, 'UV light'... and l thought l was a bit 'obsessed' [​IMG] Quite professional method, though [​IMG] A bit of dust would be normal from my point of view... 
    My experience with amazon.de cannot be better (while living in Switzerland). l have bought a few HPs there and l always paid less (because you don't pay for the taxes); the price of the HPs itself was always cheaper and, on top of it, l always got reimbursed some money back a few weeks later (as if l had paid more than l should have). Go figure.
    But l have no idea about shipping to UK (especially nowadays with Brexit going on). 
    In any case, if after inspecting the HPs with UV light all you found was dust... l think, l personally would keep them. My two cents!
  3. ironcross12
    Yeah im not a Audiophile lol. But i have a UV torch for other things it shows up any thing that should not be there which is good.
    Yeah it was letting me process the order on Amazon.de before.
    Brit exit is has still not happened all talk no action. Only that has happened is the £ has dropped so much its crazy.
    Some pics of the UV light you can see the bits of dust this is after i had wore them for a hour or so.
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  4. buke9
    Looks like you are the first to wear them. We have a a UV flashlight or torch to you as we had a cat that was older and you can guess the rest.
  5. ericp10
    Got them today. Overall, they sound very good, but I keep hearing static in tracks don't I don't hear in any of my other headphones (and I have some other TOTL headphones like the T1 second generation). Also, they are a bit bass light to my ears, but surprisingly no harsh highs through my Project Ember tube amp. Anyway, because of the static (and owning the T1 and HE-560) I've sending them back. 
  6. buke9
    Send them back then. Static would less be the headphone than the source. I hear no less noise out of the 700's than I do my Ether C's. This is from my Yggdrasil and Amps and Sound Kenzie. I would think it is a bad cable if you hear static.
  7. ironcross12
    Yeah looks that way would you guys just keep them as they smell and look new.
    I can get £40 back for the box also
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  8. mikiphile
    Right, so I have a question about these.
    I love my K701s (8 humps) and I drive them with the original Lyr and Bifrost. I am a sucker for crazy detail and good soundstage. I absolutely love the HD800, but they are out of my price-range ATM. But I have not tried these. How far are they from the HD800 in terms of those parameters, and is there a chance that I will like them on my gear, based on said parameters?
    Be as objective as possible, please. 

    I am only considering them cos I might get a very good deal.
  9. DavidA
    HD-700 is very close to HD-800 IMO, I use a Bimby/UD-301/uber) and Lyr2, BH Crack or Project Ember to drive my HD-700/800/650.  Favorite amp for HD-700 would be BH Crack, smoothest sounding and most musical to me but Lyr2 gives better sound stage/imaging.
  10. ironcross12
    Guys im in the UK thinking of getting this AMP my PC works good but would like a AMP i can use on my TV and PC
    I have been using my PCs built in sound card which is good.
    what would be my best option?
    Been looking at 
    FiiO Mont Blanc E12 Portable Headphone Amplifier 
    Oppa H2-A

    Creative E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    would a none portable amp be better than these?
  11. Me x3

    HD700 presents a slightly blacker background but a tad more coloured sound signature than K701.
    It really depends on what you consider crazy detail. You'll find more trebly things going on with HD700 but less upper midrange, so it's both brighter (mid-high treble) and darker (upper mids/lower treble). HD700 is also thicker sounding than K701 and HD800.
    Overall HD700 sounds closer to HD800 than K701 in my experience.
    If you love the HD800 then best chances are you'll like the HD700
  12. TraceKira
    These headphones sound horrible compared to my old hd 650
    The bass is so overpowering i feel it will cave in my skull
    Horrible , just avoid
  13. Kerouac
    [​IMG] Are you serious?
    I can understand that the signature is not to your taste. But when I auditioned both, the HD700 (it even came close to the much more expensive HD800) was the clear winner based on sq imo! Maybe there's something wrong (because of the bloated bass which you mentioned) with your drivers?
  14. samandhi
      I think he's trolling.. Just ignore him.. You know as well as I, that even the people that DON'T like the HD700 would never in a million years say that the bass in these is overpowering. It's pretty obvious (to me) that he is trying to start some drama!
      He basically says the same thing on the "HD650 too much bass?" thread.
      And then later:
  15. buke9
    Yes I believe we have a troll . 90% of the people say most headphones don't have enough bass for them.
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