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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. Sundown
    The bass is fine on these.  It's the vocals that are the worst part. They sound muffled, and recessed. Other than that, the little treble spike can be annoying with some material. They're perfect. If they had the same sound signature of the HD600/650 they would be ******* amazing. Too bad they sound bad but look and feel amazing.
  2. buke9
    To each his own. I would pick the 700's over the 6xx's every time .
  3. samandhi
  4. Sundown
    The funniest part is the opposite would exactly be said if I wrote this in the HD650  or HD600 thread. LOL
  5. buke9
    Yes we all hear differently and like what we like. There are things about a lot of headphones that I've heard that I like but when it comes down to throwing money down on one I pick the one that agrees with my taste. I'm torn on the 600 or 650 on which I like better it kind of depends on mode they are both really good headphones and both sounded really good out of my Bottlehead Crack at the meet this past weekend.
  6. dazzerfong

    Vocals sound muffled? Huh?
    Guess we all really do hear differently. If anything, the 6x0 sounds veiled in comparison to the 700.
  7. buke9
    Yes we all hear differently the 6x0's are mid forward to me but that is what they were meant to do. I don't think the 700's are lacking in that myself.
  8. Wesbound
    Hello everyone. Do you think Vali 2 is a good match with HD 700? Anyone did try this match? Thanks.
  9. dbaker1981

    I have both and they work well. While it doesn't drive them like my LD MKIII i still very much enjoy them on my vali 2. I would probably recommend rolling the tube though. Mine was to brite with the stock tube.
    Wesbound likes this.
  10. akg fanboy
    Got my hd700s today. The earpads and headband are so much softer than the hd600, and makes the 600 feel like a rock on my head in comparison. They feel much lighter because of the lower clamping force and they are an incredibly capable technical performer. I honestly think the hd600 is the most overrated headphone in headfi, the mids aren't even very forward at all and it doesn't really excel at anything, not even at being neutral. 
    The hd700 themselves don't have the best sound signature for my personal preferences but once they are EQed they easily rival my favorite Q701s and might be able to outperform them, sometimes the vocals seem distant and in other songs the vocals don't feel distant at all. I still have much more listening to do in order to decide a winner.
  11. buke9
    The 700's will grow on you. I really like them from the BH Crack .
  12. akg fanboy
    I bought so many headphones that my mind is having trouble deciding what it likes best. When I first tried my t1 I thought the imaging was fantastic then I switched to the he560 I thought it was really airy with a nice soundstage, then I switched to to the dt1770 thinking they sounded way better then switched to the hd700 currently and I think they sound better than the dt1770 lol
    I think the comfort is what is really making me enjoy them and baised 
  13. buke9
    They are comfy no doubt. I think my Koss ESP 950's are more comfortable like you have almost nothing on your head.
  14. akg fanboy
    At this late stage of my headphone hobby and owning so many pairs without a pair of speakers for alternative music listening, I think it has gotten to the point where I value comfort the most out of all headphone aspects. I must get an esp950 soon as I have said a few months ago....
  15. buke9
    You hardly know you have them on your head and pretty good bass for a estat .
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