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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. inseconds99
    Getting my HD700's today. Stictly using them for gaming and general listening to YouTube on my PC/consoles through my x7. Lets hope I made the correct choice for going with this 700 and not the fidellio x2.
  2. MWSVette
    I find them to be great for gaming and music.  Great sound stage and very comfortable for long sessions...
    i have both X2 And HD700 , and believe me these 2 are not comparable , hd700 is much much better headphone
  4. Mr Rick
    Fixed for you.[​IMG]
  5. MWSVette
    Certainly different and for some maybe even better, personal preferences and all...
    in my opinion is better ! not different
    i'm only recommended X2 for those kind of people like too much bass , that's all
  7. Mr Rick
    So, you are saying the X2 is a better headphone for someone who prefers more bass then the HD700 can provide.
  8. ChinoSon
    I'm interested in the X2 comparison. I know they're completely different headphones but I'm looking for a pair of phones under 600 to round out my collection. I have vmoda m100's, X2's and run both off my OPPO ha-2. So far the 700's are at the top of my list. Soundstage is what I'm looking for since I have bassy cans already
  9. Kerouac
    HD700 has a very good soundstage (never heard the X2 myself) indeed!
    You could also consider the Grado GS1000 which had the widest soundstage I've ever experienced in a headphone. Sold that one mainly because it was too bass shy for my taste.
    For portable listening I would absolutely advise the HD700 (with a shorter aftermarket cable) though.
  10. ChinoSon

    Thx man!! I was looking at the bh crack speed or Valhalla 2 amp for it. Gonna keep these at home
  11. akg fanboy
    Have you tried the hd800 and still think the gs1000 has the widest soundstage? I thought the gs1000 was the ps1000 with more bass
  12. Kerouac
    I've only auditioned the HD800 twice (with the 650 and 700) for a short period.
    Didn't have the GS1000 around at that time, so couldn't A-B test them.
    I had the GS1000 for some months
    Based on memory I would say that it had an even (slightly) wider soundstage.
    But the HD800 has the edge on resolution (amazing details).
    Probably just the other way around [​IMG]
    PS1000 is also more expensive.
  13. akg fanboy
    hmmm.. I am on a quest for the largest soundstage possible, I am convinced the akg k1000 is the last route for headphones but I will have to research more about the grados as I have never used a grado before. I personally think the gs1000 looks better than the ps1000 plus it is lighter which is a big plus to me
  14. AudioMan612
    The widest soundstage that I've heard in headphones that I can remember is a pair of HD 800's powered by the work-in-progress Cavalli Liquid Tungsten.  That really was a magic pairing...
  15. akg fanboy
    I already own both an hd700 and hd800, the improvements are well worth it in my opinion, and the hd800 with proper EQ is the closest to the all around perfect headphone I've heard but I believe there is a bit more than could be done to the soundstage
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