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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. Xamdou
    Ohhh, I didn't know that null audio does headphone termination for their cables. Any reason why you chose a copper cable instead? I am actually looking at silver or spc cables instead.
  2. slex
    Copper to tame the highs

    Copper to tame the highs.
  3. slex
    Null office is 10 minutes away from me. Bought edolics connectors and had them to terminate for me.

    I have another pure silver 8 cores with HD700 termination, will try it too.
  4. Xamdou
    Lucky guy, none of the audio shops in Singapore are near my place or my office.
    Please do give some impression for both your silver and copper cables [​IMG]
  5. slex

    I prefer silver on my HE400S, yesterday after bought HD700, amazon left 12 in stock. It was 4 just now. :flushed:
  6. Conext
    For what it's worth—I'm using a copper replacement cable from Moon Audio and I didn't notice any significant difference in the presentation of the treble. Then again, it's the Blue Dragon—which they state was designed to not significantly alter sound signature.
    When I first started using my IE800s and was surprised by the sharp, harsh nature of the treble, I put together a playlist of songs that most easily demonstrated sibilance—so I could test methods of taming it. Once I got the HD700, I immediately queued up that playlist.
    Compared to the IE800, I don't find the HD700's treble nearly as sibilant or harsh. Brighter than a lot of headphones, yes. But over time, I've come to realize that I enjoy the extra clarity and detail that comes with that particular signature. Well, on Sennheiser equipment, anyway. :)
    I'm still working my way through my library. So far the only genre that I've listened to that doesn't sound spectacular is metal. Just got done listening to a Nightwish album and it sounded kinda...blah. Not very dynamic—just a constant wall'o sound.
  7. DavidA
    Tried cheap ones from Amazon and Ebay, have since sold them once I learned how to build my own using Mogami and Canare wires:
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  8. SomeGuyDude

    I got so damn lucky. I had a pair Prime Now'd to my house. Ordered them the night before, they were at my door when I woke up. :D
  9. Xamdou

    Lucky guy, mine is still stuck at preparing for shipment for more than 1 day
  10. SomeGuyDude
    I wonder if the price was a big reason early on for the bad reviews. I know they MSRP'd at $1000 initially and I think they were as high as $700 or so not that long ago, but nowadays they're actually within $50 of the HD650 so they make a much more compelling purchase. I look at a lot of reviews and the "justify the price increase" phrase comes up a lot. When you're talking just a few bucks though, that argument falls away.
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  11. SomeGuyDude
    Update: paired with a Little Dot MK2 (stock tubes), I'm at that spot where I can listen at pretty damn high volume with no sharpness.

    The only big headphones I can compare to right now since I heard them recently are the Nighthawks and the Vali, which are pretty dang different. Obviously they aren't close to as full and lush as the Nighthawk, nor as impactful as the Vali, but where they can pull ahead of both are in spaciousness, comfort (ow, Vali) and being more "clear" if that's to your liking.

    I currently have the DT990 and it's like listening to the 700s with cotton in the ear cups. Much more muffled but still with a similar sound sig. I'd almost say if you want to upgrade from the 990, look at the 700 and vice versa if you want to save. Haven't heard the 650s in a while but I don't remember them being quite so "big".
  12. DavidA
    The HD-650 will sound "veiled" compared to the HD-700 http://files.head-fi.org/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
  13. SomeGuyDude
    haha for real. I'm throwing on a bunch of albums that can definitely sound rough with piercing headphones and still no problem.

    I guess my next hell is tube-rolling the MK2...
  14. Conext

    Coming from the IE800, I noticed that effect immediately on all of my other headphones/IEMs. It was why I was worried that when I began searching for a new full-sized, over ear headphone, it would result in me finding something that sounded just as muffled or veiled. Which is also why, when I heard people using terms like "sharp" and "harsh" to describe the treble of the HD700, I suspected what they were describing was, in actuality, something that was very similar to the sound signature of the IE800. Which, while bright, or even "sparkly", was precisely what I was looking for.

    And as you say, I think they were overpriced, initially, which likely led to a lot of negative reviews. Actually, digging through the archives here, it's almost comical how vehemently people derided the HD700s.
  15. mathi8vadhanan
    I've been enjoying mine for 2 years, without any complaints.
    Last week, one of the ear pads started ripping off at the glued seams. I've since re-glued them and ordered a new pair ($95,welp).
    Now the headband is loosing black fibres, when rubbed. I'm unable to find the replacement part for this in US. Anybody got any source for these?
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