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Sep 17, 2019 at 11:09 AM
Nov 16, 2015
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500+ Head-Fier, Male

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Sep 17, 2019 at 11:09 AM
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Takstar HI2050- For Movie
    Philips 9500- For computer media
    Philips X2 by Woox
    Hifiman HE400S-/Focus Pad / Focus A pad-JBL Grill MOD-For SS amp
    Meelectronic M6 Pro- For DAC Amp combo/Outdoor
    Sennheiser HD120
    Fostex TH-XOO-Massdrop #33- Ears Massager through Vintage NAD3020i Amp.:hugging:
    Sennheiser HD700
    ZMF Vibro MK2 Purpleheart
    Tecson Grassroot-biodyna/walnut open hp
    Hifiman Sundara
    Tecsun HP-300--> Mega Value!!@!@
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Centrance Dacport Slim-Akm 4490
    Gustard H10 W/ Burson V5
    Breeze Audio Phoenix Dac amp -Sabre 9018
    Grace design m9xx Dac amp- Akm 4490
    E100 tube amp - Gold Lion & Russian Nos 6AS7G
    O2 amp
    Schiit Valli
    Schiit Jotunheim
    NAD 3020i
    Burson Lycan V5i
    Audio-GD C2 11th Anniversary-discrete amp
    Schiit Loki
    Gustard H20/SS3602 opamps
    Source Inventory:
    Asus Window Notebook
    Apple Ipad Mini 4 with new cck power input.
    Samsung Note Pro
    Breeze Audio AKM 4399-HDAM discrete op amp
    Fiio X1-Car Listening
    Lanhui E109- Outdoor Activities
    Deezer Hifi Window 10 native app.
    Tidal HiFi
    Schiit Modi Multibit
    Google Audio Chromecast
    XMOS XU208 F1 DDC
    Xiaomi mipad2 USB Type C
    MHDT Paradisea 3 with Burson V6 Vivid opamp/Western Electric 396A/ Bendix Burson V6 vivid and classic
    Schiit Fulla2
    LG V20
    LG G6
    SS note 8
    WD Mycloud
    Denaflip Ares
    Chuwi12.3 lapbook ( batt powered)
    Bluesound N100.
    Khadas Toneboard with Banana Pi acrylic case.
    Cable Inventory:
    Mogaml/ Canare / Liton / Mchintosh- RCAs w/ Neutrik & Amphenol terminals.
    Ghentaudio Custom USB Micro for m9xx w/o Vcc
    CAT 7 ethernet cable
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB cable
    Furutech FA-220
    Schiit Physt USB
    Furutech FA-220 RCA
    Custom Mogami 2893 USB
    XLO Pro PL-1500 power cable
    Furukawa Pure Silver RCA
    Acrolink 7N-4020lll power cable
    Mps6 HD-700 7N usb power cable
    8 cores custom pure silver HP cable
    Custom Mogami 2534 HP cable
    Custom Mogami 2552 HP cable
    Null Audio Vitesse HP cable
    Auctung pure silver double headed USB data & power cable
    Siltech EMC spx-28 power cord
    Oyaide 5S continental USB cable
    LAT IC200 MKll
    Atlas Element Intergra
    Burson Cable+ Aux/RCA
    Supra Lorad 2.5mm
    Prysmain H7 with Hubell US plug
    Morrow MP1 PC
    Siltech EMC Silver
    Oyaide SR150 Digital Coxial
    Anticables 3.1 spk cable
    Oyaide Across750 RCA
    Custom Acrolink 8 cores hybrid.
    Oyaide Black Mamba V2
    AET EVO 1304
    Cabledyn Synergy
    Iego 80520
    ESP Musicord
    Vanderhal Mainstream
    Power-Related Components:
    Schiit Wyrd for Grace m9xx
    Elfidelity AXF-101 Ultra
    Weiduka 8.8AC
    Jay Audio linear USB power supply for Grace m9xx
    V200 Linear Power Supply for Lycan
    Furutech Inline Filter
    Plixir Balanced AC power conditioner BAC150 & BAC500 & BAC800( 2 channels )
    Custom Aucharm Ground Box
    Ifi DC ipurifier
    Ifi DC ipurifier2
    Ifi iUSB3 Nano
    Ifi ipower for router / modem into UPS to voltage regulator.
    Plixir AC step down power supply 16VAC
    Plixir DC LPS
    Hifimediy H/S galvanic isolator
    Ifi spdif ipurifier
    Ifi iDefender3
    Ifi iSilencer3
    Roxburgh 10A inline filter
    Ifi iPurifier 2
    Ifi iPurifier 3
    Musical Paradise MP-U1
    Schumann Resonator
    Humandata 3k galvanic Isolater (self-powered & industrial grade )
    Schiit Eitr
    Zerone isolation transformer
    Ifi AC purifier X 4
    Other Audio Equipment:
    JC2 Pre-amp/Passive
    Matisse Fantasy Tube Pre Amp
    Unbalanced/Balanced transformer base converter/ op-amp swappable with Dual Burson V5 pair.
    Parasound Zamp V.3(Custom with Burson V6 Classic)
    Series R2- Elac B6 ( speaker )+ SVS PB-10 Subwoofer ( Soundpath Coupled) Atacama fully silica sand filled stands.
    Acoustic Energy Aego M HD700 Desktop System )
    Harmon Kardon Onyx 2
    Philips Soundbar for android box
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Herbie supersonic isolator
    Herbie tube damper
    Carbon block
    Sound Quest isol-pad
    Charcoal bamboo packs untop of connection points.
    Grounding boxes.
    Use Deoxit (Gold or Red)contact cleaner
    Putting Phiten titanium patches behind your ears.
    Clear your ear wax twice a month!!!
    Herbie Tube Damper


    Tecsun 300-HP / Hifiman Sundara / Sennheiser HD700 / Fostex TH-X00 / ZMF Vibeo MKll Purpleheat.

    Gustard H20 / Shiit Jotunheim / Grace m9xx .

    Denafrips Ares / khadas TB / MHDT Paradisea3.
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