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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. Krutsch
    For me, a tube amp really helps tame the hot treble. With my Woo OTL, these are my favorite 'phones for classical music, but I find them difficult to listen with using a SS amp.
    By the way, a nice departure from the NightHawks, no?
  2. SomeGuyDude
    Using a Schiit Vali at the moment. It's very, very solid! 
    And yes, these are quite the bounce from the Hawks. Which do I prefer? Maaaaan, it's hard. They each have their charms, big time. But I do love the HD700. They've been calling to me for a long time, a LONG damn time.
  3. dazzerfong

    ​I personally love classical music on the HD700, but I hate it for recordings of classical older than 30 years old. It sounds ridiculously peaky and screechy with them, almost like a bad vinyl recording.
  4. Xamdou
    Hi guys, I need some opinions on whether or not to go for the HD700 on Amazon as it is on sales for $430.
    Reason on why not to demo them and decide is that I am only free on weekends and the rate for the HD700 is selling on Amazon, it would be gone by then.
    I usually listen to jpop like Aimer and Sawano Hiroyuki. Thanks!
  5. omar mohamed
  6. DavidA
    The HD-700 should work with jpop quite well since most Jpop is well mastered/recorded.  I would recommend a tube amp if the highs are harsh or EQ as a cheaper solution.
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  7. slex
    Can't resist the good pricing, just bought. I figure i can reuse my aftermarket cables which is same as HE400S using 2.5mm mono plugs.

    Anyone knows wats the burn in period like?
  8. Bacci
    Yeah, some of my favorite renditions of Mussorgsky, Holst, ... are over 30 years old and I know what you mean.
    A tube amp definitely helps to keep the HD700 from punishing noisy and/or lesser quality recordings. 
    I have come to terms with using 2 different amps (1 SS, 1 tube based) with the HD700.
  9. Conext
    I can confirm from personal experience that the HD700 work very nicely with Jpop—yes, a lot of groups/singers appear to use meticulous engineering/recording/mastering techniques, which results in nice dynamic songs.
    As far as burn-in? Frankly, to my ears, the HD700 did not change in any significant way that I could perceive between hour 1 and hour 100. They basically encapsulated the sound signature I was looking for as soon as I put them on.
  10. Xamdou
    I get most of my stuff from either mora (for hi-res) or cdjapan (for cd of course) and I have close to no worries for poor recording since most of them comes from Sony. Since I have never own an open-back cans before (only have a M50 & A900X), I am more worried about fast-paced songs like Sawano's and the depth of the bass though (I can always switch on the xBass on my iFi iCAN SE though).
    Here are some of the songs

    Any comment guys?
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  11. DavidA
    @Xamdou, interesting music, sound quite good with HD-700, tried with some of my other headphones and liked the music best with custom built ypsilon driver in Grado like wood cup.  If you want more info on the ypsilon driver go to this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/793136/grado-modders-go-ypsilon-elleven-acoustica-drivers-and-builds-thread
    post back when you get the HD-700, and the $430 is a pretty good price.
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  12. dbaker1981
    I am so torn with these. I really want a pair but i keep seeing people shouting about the hotness for lack of a better word. I listen to mostly country and classic rock music. But I have been know to throw on some classical and 90's at times. I have the HD600, Hifiman HE-400s, Grado 325e with maple sleeves, Grado 80e With GS wood cups an ypsilon drivers, Beyerdynamic Dt880, and the Oppo PM-3's. So I guess my question would be. Would these be a good investment giving the type of music and a worthy upgrade to what i already have.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    If you have the HD600 and 325e and don't think the trble is too much (same with the DT880) then the hd700 won't bother you at all. I've had the 600's and currently have the DT990 and I'd say the treble is less shrill than either to my ears. 
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  14. Me x3

    HD700 is closer to DT880 in terms of frequency response, but less neutral mainly due to the more recessed upper midrange. Treble quality is not on pair with DT880 in my opinion, but it has similar sparkle. HD700 has a blacker background and improved soundstage. It's really hard to say if it will be a good investment for you or not because personal preferences are the most inportant aspect in the end. It will bring some new things to the table, that's granted.
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  15. DavidA
    I have a similar set of headphones (HD-650, HD-600-just sold, HD-700, HE-400 (grill+sorbothane), 400i (grill+sorbothane), 560 (grill), RS2e, 225e (dynamat/sorbothane), 225i in walnut GS cups (dynamat+sorbothane), ypsilon in rosewood cups , DT-990 premium + others)
    The HD-700 will be a nice addition for you but as @Me x3 above noted its personal preferences, the treble doesn't bother me nor my GF but we usually use the HD-700 with tube amps which will smooth the highs a touch but if the HD-600, 325e, 80e and DT-880 don't bother you then you should be fine.  The HD-600 did bother me with a few tracks due to the peak in the 4-5 kHz range, one of the reasons I sold it, the peaks of the HD-700/800 being slightly higher up don't bother me so YMMV as to what affects/bothers you.
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