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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. buke9
    What's this grill and sorbothane mod for the 400's? Also Ts 5998 and telefunken 12au7 on the way for the Crack. Misread eBay and got a pair of Chatham 6080's couldn't cancel after your pm big improvement over the rca 6080 but can't wait to try out the others.
  2. dbaker1981

    It's really come down to either these or a lyr2. I have a asguard2 and a vali2 but I have heard it's a good step up. Choices choices. Lol
  3. DavidA
    While I only heard the Vali2 once it was quite a nice sounding amp and for the HD-700 would work quite well IMO.  The HD-700 doesn't sound as good on my Lyr2 as it does on either the BH Crack or Ember to my GF and I.
    My Asgard2 is my bedroom amp along with a bifrost uber, this combo its quite good with mellow sounding headphones like Fidelio X1, K7XX, EL8, SennGrado, MDR-1A and K553.
  4. dbaker1981

    For me the the bifrost 4490 with the as guard is awesome with my HD600 and pretty much all my HP's. Now I do think my modded sr80's do sound better with the vali2.
  5. sigtransduction
    maybe it is my well worn ears, but the 700's treble spike is not a problem, love these cans and love all the vocal bashers who were instrumental in getting the price on these things knocked down so far!
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  6. dbaker1981
    See I have really worn out ears. Thanks 90's lol. So in all honesty I have never heard most of the stuff people say about most of the headphones. Like the 600's to me seem very laid back but very detailed. I love throwing them on for long listening sessions. Now my 325e's have found a few songs that I'm like wow that was really loud but only maybe 1 or 2 songs at most.
  7. buke9
    90's try late 70's Kiss concert with AC/DC as the opening act. My ears rang for a week.
  8. dbaker1981

    Mine was Metallica,disturbed and such. Ahh good times.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    I do wonder if death metal concerts have finally dulled my ears. XD
  10. DavidA
    some used to joke that the HD-700 was for the over 50 club since most of us tend to lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as we age and I agree that the basher really lowered the price of these but I also think that many who bashed the HD-700 didn't really listen to them and just repeated what a few well regarded reviewers posted when these first came out.
    I used to think that my hearing was really bad but last year I went for a check up and found that I actually tested better than I did a few years prior.  Maybe being retired, living in a very quite building and not being in a noisy office or out on construction sites all the time made me listen better.  I can still hear up to 17khz but there is a dip in the 500-2khz range of .5 to 1.0db, which my doctor pointed out is frequency of most female voices so she suggested I have built in selective hearing, my GF got a laugh out of that and said it works quite well[​IMG] 
  11. dbaker1981

    I had to take a hearing test to get one job and I passed by 1 point only cause she told me to hit the button lol. Plus I run a machine cutting cylinder blocks so what little I had left is pretty well gone.
  12. buke9
    I work construction and after my dad had to get hearing aides I protected my ears. You only get one pair.
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  13. slex
    Anyone know of any replacement pads for HD700?
  14. Xamdou
    Anyone here using aftermarket cables for their HD700?
    Finally ordered my HD700 from amazon and now is the 2 weeks wait gosh
  15. slex

    I'll be using this when HD700 arrive:

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