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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. 36aMAN
    Good i'll keep my Modi 2 as dac and buy new amp, and now i'll be modify my HD700 to make treble less. 
    now what i want is like i sad in my previous replay to others positional audio and all that details can HD700 take and soundstage for movies and PC games.
    is LYR 2 will be good ? with warmer tubes ! and maybe i i'll buy another set of highend headphones in the future so i want something good with multiple headphones.
    and another thing to mention my main usage with headphones is to watch movies and play PC games and last things is the music .
    and my big problem is that i live in city have nothing like highend headphone or dac's or amp's so i can't try anything unless i bought it and try it :frowning2:
  2. 36aMAN
    IDK anithings about akg and i didn't try that much of headphones just dt990 250 ohm and m50x and now i have HD700, i want to go up with audio 
    MM2 good entry level as i heard but not good enough for highend headphones and with my HD700 i feel like not all details come to my ear so i want to upgrade my setup to something better my plan now to keep Modi 2 and use LYR 2 with it !
    and maybe in the future i'll buy highend headphone, so i don't want to change amp next year or so, i just want to buy new headphone with same setup maybe just new dac to get better quality.
  3. 36aMAN
    what do think about K7xx do you thing its good or you suggest i sell it and keep my HD700 ? is it worth to keep it ?
    my main reason to buy 7xx only for gaming with my friends, do you think that HD700 better with gaming + soundstage and enemy foot step
    and i'll go with better tube amp for HD700 and better headphones.
  4. 36aMAN
    Oooh go to the store.... unforchantly in my city i have no store to try anything like headphones or dacs or amps, they have only cheap headphone around 10$ :frowning2: so i have to buy it first.
  5. DavidA
    @36aMAN, while the HD-700 is good for playing games there are a few headphones/DAC/amps designed just for playing games that will give much better positional audio but will not sound as good for music or movies.
    Modi2uber is a decent DAC but it doesn't provide the best sound stage for music and gaming from my limited experience.  I got better results with the Asus STX sound card if I wanted good positional audio while gaming.  For watching movies the headphone output of my HT receiver does a much better job than any DAC/amp combination for creating the surround sound effect of Blueray and DVD movies.
    The current DACs that I have: Bifrost MB & Uber, Teac UD-301, Modi2uber, Teac AH-01.
    I understand what you are trying to do by having the HD-700 plus DAC/amp do everything but I think there are too many compromises trying to do it all this way but its about the cheapest way and the results are pretty good with Modi2uber/Lyr2/HD-700.
    Warm tubes for the Lyr2 would be Mullards, Amperex Bugle Boys, Philips (?)
  6. 36aMAN
    will good to know, becuse i have Creative sound blaster z in my PC if it's will be better for games and movies with LYR 2 then i'll be ok and music if i want music al do it with modi 2 ( i dont have uber model ), BTW i hate that Creative SBX pro studio technologies it's make sound not clear and eat detalis in games and movies i like the details with no software effects . 
    and what is those headphones you talking about for gaming becuse i have AKG 7xx shiped to me i order this headphones only for gaming is it will be better then HD700 for specefic gaming,?
    watching movies and music i'll be with HD700 .
    thank you so much for helping me :)
  7. slex
    Is schiit Multibit or other NOS dac able to tame the brightness of HD700?
  8. DavidA
    I didn't like the Creative sound cards that I tried, for me the Asus worked best and gave me the best sound, could be just me since many like Creative gear.
    While I have a K7XX it doesn't get used much these days, started to build Grado like headphones using a ypsilon driver in rosewood cups which have been lined with dynamat and sorbothane added to the back of the driver, very dynamic, smooth highs that are never harsh or sibilant, bass that goes deep and detailed with mids that are better than my HD-650 and HE-400i.  Here is a picture of what they look like:
    The ypsilon driver is the one in the lower left. (top left, clockwise: modded SR-225e, SR-225i driver in rosewood cups, second ypsilon driver in walnut wood cups, RS2e)
    This is what the driver looks like from the factory
    The HD-700 still has a better sound stage to me but the ypsilon driver is more dynamic and sounds better with a wider range of music for me.
  9. DavidA
    The Bimby that I have is slightly brighter than neutral to me, the 4490 Modi2uber is a little closer to neutral IMO.  I mostly use a Teac UD-301 for the HD-700 and my GF uses a Fiio X3 when she uses her HD-700 when out walking our dog.
    I wouldn't look at DACs to change/tame the brightness of the HD-700, money better spent on good tubes in a tube amp based on my experience so far.
  10. 36aMAN
    Outstanding work! " Applauds warmly "
    i'll keep this in mind, Thank you for all your assistance
  11. gibosi
    I have never listened to music through a Lyr1 or Lyr2. I can only say that it has a very fine reputation. And yes, being able to roll the driver tubes should allow you to tweak the sound to your liking. 
  12. gibosi
    Unfortunately, it is complicated....  European Philips was a large conglomerate with subsidiary companies located all over the world, including Mullard, Valvo, Radio Technique and others. And for example, an ECC88 labeled as a Mullard could have been manufactured by any of its subsidiary companies. And the reverse is also true. A Mullard-made ECC88 might carry a Valvo, Amperex, Philips or other label. Therefore, if one is going to search for a nice warm Mullard-made tube to roll in their Lyr2, it is necessary to learn how to read European Philips production codes. Only in this way can you be sure that you are getting a Mullard-made ECC88.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Y'know, I never really understood the concept of instrument separation before. I've had a lot of summit-fi level headphones, several up in the $1000+ range, but these are the first where it genuinely felt like the instruments were physically apart from one another.
    I'm not 100% sold on the frequency curve, the treble is definitely hot, but I'm going to give them some more time...
  14. LikeABell
    Spot on. 
    The HD700s give me a distinct impression of being in the studio with the musicians, especially so on well recorded songs.
    Do stick around with them, EQ the highs a little bit.
    SomeGuyDude likes this.
  15. SomeGuyDude
    I don't EQ. My feeling is to get adjusted to the headphone sound. 
    You know what? I'm liking these. Okay so, I came up from the DT 990, and I realize that's a BIG jump, but those are a bright headphone so I thought I wouldn't feel a big leap, right? The hd700 are just a helmet that makes music. Not headphones. I'm happily relaxing with black and post metal. 
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