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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. Tuco1965
    I have an Uberfrost / Lyr combo driving HD600s.  They make beautiful music together. [​IMG]
  2. elwappo99
    Schiit gear always looks so clean and modern when stacked on itself
  3. ngyu
    +1, absolute work of art. simple, clean, sturdy, functional. 
  4. pdrm360
    The Bifrost/Lyr and Bifrost/Asgard2 both are great for my HD700. 
  5. IorekByrnison
    I've been living with the uberfrost+valhalla+t70 combo at my office desk for a while now, and it has only grown better with time - but the sheer novelty of how amazing it is hasn't worn off one bit, and I still catch myself gazing at the valhalla's beauty. 
    My magni+modi+hd439 is now at home, being used as a sound-out for one of my arcade computers and only gets used to play sound voltex mostly because I don't want to have to switch my computer speakers over manually - and it's beautiful overkill.
    After quite a while listening to all this Schiit, I have come to the conclusion that my initial conclusion that Schiit is the best thing since sliced Beats stands true. I can't wait to see what secret lurks within Yggdrasil. These guys are amazing.
    If you play Bemani, play some Bemani with your Schiit. Expect mindblowing. 
  6. FangJoker
    I got my bifrost w/ uber and usb and valhalla today!     I finally have a tube amp and love it.   I still have to break in the cans and can't imagine how much better it will sound when everything is working at peak condition.   What other cans work great with this combo?
  7. traehekat

    congrats, that is my exact setup minus USB on the bifrost. I'm still amazed by it every day, no substantial inclination to upgrade at all. Enjoy it, it gets sweeter and sweeter with time.
  8. pdrm360
    Congrats, with what cans?
  9. FangJoker
    Still breaking in senn HD 650.  I was looking at different beyerdynamic DT880,  T1, T70 before I settled on the HD 650.  I was wondering how those would fare with the combo I got.  
  10. pdrm360
    The Valhalla is a fantastic amp for HD650. It brings the HD650 to life.
  11. FangJoker
    Yeah it really does make it sound even better than before.  I didn't plan on buying an amp and dac, but I'm glad I did.   All of this stuff should last me a long time just as long as I don't stop in here too often and look at other equipment and get sucked into buying more expensive stuff.  
    I was an IEM guy for years and one day a few weeks ago I thought to myself why don't I use regular headphones since I work from home and never listen to music anywhere but on the computer.  I looked up some reviews which led me to here and looked around and saw an awesome deal at headphonedotcom for a 100 dollar gift certificate for 80 bucks so I promptly bought 5 of them and got my HD 650 for 400 which I consider to be a steal since everywhere is selling them for 500.  If only I could have gotten an amp/dac with that sort of discount, but I'm not going to complain as it seems that many of you feel that schiit is very under priced for the performance it puts out.  
    I really like the schiit I got even though it was my second choice at the time.  A few people's opinion's in this thread was the deciding factor as well as being more futureproof pushed the schiit ahead of woo audio.  I'm not going to lie, their stuff is super sexy but in the end I went with what was best for me.    Even my gf who is always giving me lectures about buying stuff is ok with it after listening to it and telling her that this is all I'll need for awhile.  
    I really don't know schiit about all of this stuff so thanks to all here who pointed me in the right direction.  All I know is that it sounds great and I'm  sure it will be better when my cans are broken in.
  12. FangJoker
    I do have one question.  In windows, what should I set my default format (bit and hz settings) to?   Right now it's set to 16 bit and 44100 hz which is the lowest setting.
  13. joebobbilly
    Use FooBar, or JRiver and set your output settings to WASAPI. (You'll have to download the WASAPI component for Foobar)
  14. FangJoker
    I downloaded the WASAPI and it's not showing up.  I went into output and it's not available.  I have checked the components section and I see the file for it.  I've looked at several sites for help and I can't get it to load in foobar.  I like the interface more than jriver so I would hope that I can get it to load someday.   I'm wondering if it's a windows driver issue.  I do have it loaded through the usb port and I'm wondering if the driver doesn't want to load it.
  15. Tuco1965
    What do you mean loaded through the usb port?  If you have foobar installed the WASAPI plugin should install and be ready for use.
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