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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. FangJoker
    Yes I have it running through my usb port and I do have foobar with the WASAPI plug in installed.  It's just not an option under preferences > playback > devices.  My directx is up to date for win 7.  I did remove my on board sound drivers and disabled it in BIOS when I installed the asus essence stx sound card.  I don't think there's anywhere in windows where I could have uninstalled it by mistake either. Should it be shown in device manager (in control panel)?
  2. Tuco1965
    When you right click on the volume icon on the taskbar and click on playback devices, do you see Schiit usb as a device?
  3. FangJoker
    It shows it as a usb device.  It sounds good right now, but I guess I'm wondering how much better wasapi is.
  4. elwappo99
    So you're just missing WASAPI individually? Try musicbee instead. I found it to be a much better implementation for playback over foobar. 
  5. Tuco1965
    Have you tried to reinstall the plugin?
    Just thought I would ask but you do have Vista sp1 or greater?
  6. FangJoker
    I've tried installing the plugin multiple times.  This is on a new gaming rig with win 7.   Is the difference that much better?  It sounds really good as is, but I am not an audiofile nut.  I'm more into cars and videogames.    
  7. Llloyd
    Can you use wasapi through USB? I thought you could only use ASIO.
  8. FangJoker
    I downloaded musicbee and wasapi output works.  So it looks like  foobar doesn't like my system.  Maybe I'll also try downloading jriver.  People seem to think that it's the best sounding player out there.  I used to think all music players were alike for sound output, but I guess some people don't think so.
    The schiit/senn hd 650 combo sounds plenty good to me with or without wasapi.  I guess I don't feel that it is 100% important to have it, but I was curious if it made a big difference.
    I downloaded jriver trial and wow it sounds better.  Just a little extra clarity and oomph.  
  9. ngyu
    yup, you can run wasapi through usb. i use it all the time. 
  10. pdrm360
    For the HD800 and HD700, both Valhalla and Lyr are good amps but I like the Lyr more.
    For HD650, All three Lyr, Valhalla and Asgard 2 are good amps but I like the Valhalla much more.
  11. jaywillin
    i'm about to go uber, the board arrived today
  12. Tuco1965
    Enjoy the uber.  I can't say how the sound differs from non uber because I've only had the uber. 
  13. jaywillin
    had a bit of a scare, i got it all put back together, turned it on to listen, nothing !
    double checked all connections, still nothing.
    took it back apart, looked at it , when plugging the board in, i had missed with some of the pins !
    took the board back out, adjusted placement, put it all back together
    BOOM ! music
    i now have a usb gen 2 uberfrost
  14. pdrm360
    any improvement in SQ?
  15. jaywillin
    Yes, there is a noticeable improvement, but I need to spend some more time listening to get a better feel of what I'm hearing
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