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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. jaywillin
    i had just the set up you're are wanting, the fiio eo9k has line, and pre outs, the line out fed the little dot, the pre's the psb ps1's
    never had to change a cable
    of course, sound quality wasn't up to the lyr's, but it was convenient
  2. traehekat
  3. Erukian
    Oh Schiit!
    Here I was hoping for updated DAC boards for my Gungnir to add DSD. Something that would detect the incoming signal ie. PCM or DSD and automagically switch.
    Still a cool product that will bring in new Schiit customers.
  4. FangJoker
    Ok so I'm close to buying the valhalla based on recommendations here.  Now I'm wondering if I should just get the bifrost as well.  I do like that it can be upgraded so I won't have to buy another whole unit again.   The woo7 is also on the short list because of the size, looks cool, and seems to be what I want (dac and amp).  I really need to organize my desk and measure the available space for the amp/dac or put a small table next to my desk.  Space is going to be tight for valhalla/bifrost combo.  It's my first choice over the woo offerings even though it seems like woo seems to be more hyped.  I think I just like the ability to upgrade.  I don't plan on buying too much more stuff after I get everything I need.  I have too much other hobbies that take my $$$.
  5. PassiveO
    If you buy a Valhalla (I own a Lyr) the I'd highly recommend the Bifrost Uber; I'd recommend it unconditionally with any headphone amp (realizing the Woo7 has an integrated DAC).
    I am a DAC veteran, and have owned many, both low and high cost. The Bifrost is the best per dollar piece of kit I've owned in 20 years of audiophilia madness. It's strengths are no obvious flaws and perfect flow and dedication to the music. Nothing flashy and excellent performance.
    Good luck!
  6. kothganesh
    Wow, that's an endorsement ! I own the Bifrost and need to fix the Uber card and also have the Gungnir. Have you heard the Gungnir ? if so, any opinions ? I keep hearing about PWD 2, Mytek, Metrum etc etc.
  7. ngyu
    i was in your situation prior to getting my schiit. I had the ASUS Essence STX, and was debating between the asgard 2 and valhalla (I have the HD650). Ended up getting the Uberfrost and Lyr, and now I've made the jump to orthos as well (HE-500)! Couldn't be happier. Like you said... might as well go all-in =). Or the Mjolnir/Gungnir LOL
  8. kothganesh
    Uberfrost+Lyr is plenty for most orthos. M/G will just slaughter the U/L for all orthos.
  9. ngyu
    Haha, I haven't had much time putting my HE500 on my friend's Mjolnir/Gungnir, but from what I remember, the Mjolnir/Gungnir only gave additional headroom, and a bit colder/analytical sounding than my Uberfrost/Lyr (with 6N1P tubes from Schiit). I don't think orthos (at least the HE500) benefited much from being balanced, as compared to the HD650, which scaled up massively when balanced. The soundstage stayed close on the HE500. 
  10. FangJoker
    I think I'll stick with the HD 650.  I don't want to buy another set of cans (gf will notice and kill me) or sell it and lose money on it.  I'll just add the uberfrost and valhalla and call it a day.  I really don't have much more space for a bigger amp and dac on my desk.   In the beginning I just wanted better sound from my speakers and headphones (ue 900) which are good iem for the price then I thought since that I listen to all of my music at home on the computer, I might as well get a set of cans since I don't need the portability of IEM.  Now that I started I do see the end of the road.  I really do have too many hobbies that burn cash and I do not listen to music all the time so I believe what I will be getting is far more than enough for me.  But I do admit that I do wonder about other products too.  
  11. Barry S

    I think the HE500 sounds better on the Lyr than on the Mjolnir--the tube warmth complements the brightish sound of the headphones--sort of rounds off the edges. The LCD2 is the exact opposite--miles better on the Mjolnir. the HD650 sound great on all my Schiit--Mjolnir, Lyr, and Magni. I don't think it's a matter of balanced vs. unbalanced (how can you even compare?), but the individual character of each amp.
  12. pdrm360
    IMO, the Valhalla is the best amp for the HD650 in Schiit line.
  13. imahawki
    When I contacted Schiit they told me this wasn't right and gave me an RA.  It just arrived at their facility today.  I definitely want it back.  I'm newer to the hobby and this is the only headphone amp I own right now.
  14. FangJoker
    I pulled the trigger late last night.  I hope that the combo is better than the woo audio wa7 which would have looked great on my desk.  I just got a gut feeling that schitt was the way to go for me.  With the bifrost being upgradable, I'll be able to keep it for a long time and the tubes are a lot cheaper too.  I don't want to get into tube rolling and paying crazy amount of money that woo wants.  Maybe it's worth it, but I am definitely not an audio nut.  I just want good sound and don't have the need to spend thousands.  If I ever do get another set of cans, it will be a closed ear set.  My gf sometimes watches tv in the loft where my home office is and if I'm listening to something or playing a video game (I'd be plugging it in to the stx for this), I would like to keep  the noise out.  So I guess my next set is fostex th-900. lol
  15. mazzelectra
    Hey peeps,
    Been using the M/M stack at work for a while now. Have to say - such effortless power, I sense this setup may be overkill with the Momentums (have to really watch my levels lol) :
    Warrior Princess Approved!
    Loving the sound :)
    Next up : AMP/DAC combo decision and purchase for main home station (driving Q701 + HD580) - leaning hard towards an überfrost / Lyr combo.
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