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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. ampair
    I have to say, I'm rather envious about those K240 Anniversary :)
  2. Baycode
    I have modded and recabled my AKG K240 Sextett (mid-production).
    I have been listening to it for about 2 months but didnt want to write before because I wanted to adapt to the sound and I was afraid of the "new toy syndrome".
    Now its time to write something... 
    I have compared K240 Sextett (mid-production) to my Beyer DT150, Fidelio X2, AKG K7XX and Modded Fostex T50RP.
    I can confidently say that I can sell them all, except the DT150 because I need a closed headphone with better bass.
    Also K240 Sextett delivers the tiny details that other HP's were missing... It creates a special atmosphere around the instruments and micro-detailing is awesome. It sound very lienar too. Not bass heavy, not bass light.
    I am in love [​IMG]
    I feed the K240 Sextett through my Darkvoise TH336SE tube amp (Fitz modded and with military grade tubes).
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  3. Tiemen
    What are the mods you applied?
  4. RamblinE
    Hey. Aspiring fanboy here. 
    AKG K240 Studio
    -used for web-trainings at work
    AKG K67 Tiesto
    -sound involving enough but I can't wear them with glass for too long
    AKG K550 (felt disks tacked to the baffle over the driver)
    -hard to seal. can be a bit thin at times however it's the best detail that I can get out of my iPhone.
    AKG K240 Monitor
    -darker and smoothed over with less detail but pleasant to listen to with a little more bass impact. 
    AKG K401
    -great balance of comfort, soundstage, warmth, a little bit of detail and some nice bass
    AKG Q701
    -wonderful clarity with accurate bass and an absolute reference for vocals, future recipient of bass mod. 
    AKG K701
    -first real set of headphones, broke four years ago and currently out for repair (finally)
    -Not really interested in the Sextett
    -Wouldn't mind a pair of the K240DF
    -Have the K701 re-cabled and paired with a single-ended Woo amp
    -eventually acquire K812 Pro
    -Office: Spotify Premium > Mac Mini > Audioengine D1 > Headroom Micro Amp
    -Living Room: Spotify Premium via Chromecast/Technics SL-D2 w/ Ortofon 2M Red > Yamaha R-S201 
  5. GREQ
    I think many will agree --> don't bother.
  6. CJ998
    I've got K7XX's in transit. Excited to unbox and burn them in.

    Any suggestions for an off the shelf upgrade cable? Or is standard cable ok.

    I'm running a little dot 1 with we408 tubes and Marantz DV6005 SACD & Marantz TT2000 turntable with a Schiit Sys...
  7. Headzone
    Is it worse than T1? I'm looking for a future upgrade and K812 looks interesting.
  8. GREQ
    I've only heard the original T1, and despite the piercing treble, it was overall a better sounding headphone than the K812... but it was close.
    Also the K812 pads just aren't as comfy as the T1 pads.
    Overall they share a fairly similar sound signature, so it's kind of a side/down'ish-grade really. 
    I have noticed when K812's do come up 2nd hand, they seem to depreciate a lot faster than T1's. 
  9. RamblinE
    I changed my attitude regarding the Sextett and picked up a pair of the LP's after months of not being entirely sold on the K240M and bass-modding my Q701. I am probably still in the honeymoon phase with these however I am jumping between rebuild/refurbish these Sextett's and sell everything else, and rebuild/refurbish these Sextett's, and maaybe keep the K701. 
    Had a funny scare with a bad recording last night though, absurd distortion Norah Jones' first album, first track. Googling reveled that other people hear it too on digital/CD/SACD, speakers and headphones, etc. When I threw in my K701's and my Q701's I found the treble peak inherent in more recent AKG voicing contributed to masking this distortion. It was still there but I hadn't heard it before because I guess I wasn't listening for it. I've thrown metal, jazz and now EDM at these Sextett's and no where have they broken up like they did on Norah Jone's vocals. I'm not sure if the Sextett is a). showing it's age or b). more honest than my 701s, and hell I thought those were honest headphones. 
  10. FastAndClean
    i ripped off the old pads, and removed foam in front and behind the driver
    they sound a lot more open now with beautiful sweet midrange
    i am waiting for porta pro pads this week to complete the mods
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  11. ericj
    Give JB-Weld Plastic Bonder / Gap Filler a try. You can get it in black from Amazon. It's a two-part urethane, not an epoxy resin. I'm not too familiar with the K4 construction but it may be possible to reinforce the repair with thin fiberglass rods, which are sold on eBay for various purposes. 
    It's one of those double-plunger affairs but it's far more runny than the epoxy products, so it will tend to drizzle out, but also it's thixotropy seems to allow air pockets to persist in the reservoirs. The end result is that it's difficult to get both nozzles pouring at the same time. Be prepared to waste some of either component. I use disposable styrene weighing boats (like tiny bowls) to mix my adhesives and end up throwing away a small portion of one or the other unmixed in it's own boat every time i try to use this stuff. 
    It is malleable in about 15 minutes and can be reshaped with a metal tool, and in about an hour you can sort of carve it with a razor. In a day you can sand it. 
    In other news, did someone here get that LP sextett that sold for $35 on ebay the other day? 
  12. FastAndClean
    i put the porta pro pads, they look almost like stock, with these pads they sound cleaner and more open in comparison to the pleather bayer pads
    with removed foam in front and in the back of the drivers the sound is very clean and smooth, i made them to sound similar to my ER4S, amazing little ugly things

  13. FastAndClean
    they can pick a lot of details without sounding bright, you can easily discover problems in different recordings, something that my old k601 can not do, like i write in my signature, no fake details here
  14. Scblacksunshine
    1st AKG ever, AKG K3003i and so far I have to say the best universal IEM I have ever experienced :)
  15. richardgy

    somebody knows it, the AKG K340 balanced version have the red plastic on the driver?

    i know the grey plastic= bass heavy
    red plastic = bass light
    black plastic= neutral
    red plastic = balanced?
    this is right?

    Thank YOU!

    Kind Regards, Richard
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