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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. ericj
    I have tube amps too. 100 is about the max i would pay for a 701. Might have to be drunk.
  2. FritzS
    Take a K812 and modify it with the 3D mesh from the K872 and you'll get a headset that outshines the K/Q7xx series!
  3. ericj
  4. Arvan
    Well the K260 is a very good headphone but it's fallen under the radar and it has some quirks. First off it sounds nothing like the K240M
    Well the K240M and the K260 sounds very different. K240 has that vintage classic warmth, relaxed sound with a fantastic mid range. The k260 is much more neutral, almost like the K500 but maybe not as refined. I would say that the K260 is a better monitoring headphone than the K240 since the 240m is much to warm for that purpose.

    There are some quirks with the K260 though. It does not have a single sided cable entry, which is annoying. 260 is also much more brittle in the build. Cheaper plastics. It also has a different type of headband suspension. It's still elastics but it does not work the same as the 240 range and is not as easy to fix ( but it is possible ).

    So i would say that owning both the K240M and the K260 makes up for a rather complete little collection since they both sound so different.
  5. Kukuk
    Every few months I take my K612s out and remember just why I love them so much. They were basically my daily driver for several years, across multiple purchases. I'd sell them off, then regret selling them and buy them again. I have them listed for sell, but man, I'm wavering.

    They just have a certain character to them that my other headphones don't have, and I can't really nail down what it is. Outside of that something, they still tick a lot of boxes. Great bass extension and control, large soundstage, great imaging, just enough treble detail and sparkle, they're superbly comfortable, and they're very modestly priced.

    I was always a little disappointed that they never caught on as the go-to recommendation for mid-fi open headphones. I think they're every bit the equal to the HD600/650, despite being priced well below them.

    There was a point where people swore by the K501, saying it was a better headphone (versus the K601, anyway), but I never really felt that way. Having owned the K501s for a time, I was pretty happy to sell them off. They were too bright, too shouty, and had very poor bass extension. They were good with very specific music, but at their best I still didn't think they were as good as the K601.
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  6. Arvan
    My K500 sounds much thinner with the somewhat worn out stock pads. Now i run the pads from the Q701 and i feel that that's how they probably would sound when new. The lowend seems properly tuned with the 701 pads and way to lean with the old stock pads.
  7. Kukuk
    I had a friend that owned the K500s, and I put some decent time on them. I liked them more than the K501. I can't remember much about them, but I remember them being more laid back.

    The K501 were borderline stressful to listen to. There was a sharp rise in like... The whole upper half of the mid range, it felt like.
  8. Baycode
  9. ericj
    I've been trying to reign in the chaos of my office / workshop at home lately. Unearthed a lot of headphones i haven't listened to in years. I hoard 'em like some kind of vintage headphone dragon - whatchu gonna do about it?

    Anyway, my cat was trying to take a nap in here and was complaining about the Danny Brown i was listening to so i switched to headphones with the only headphone amp that is currently hooked up: an Objective2 plugged into the wall with a 16vac supply.

    I'm surprised how respectable the bass is on my early production K240-M hooked up to basically any amp with any nads at all, just have to push them kinda forward on my head. The kind made with Sextett parts but with just filter patches instead of the passive radiators and of course no grillwork to protect the passives that aren't there.

    The pads on these are kinda flat but not stiff, and i don't have any foam discs in 'em. When i put these away there weren't high quality protein leather pads from chinese vendors like there are now, and i was sick of calling up Harman Pro NA and waiting 6-12 months for parts.

    Guess i have to order some more bits.
  10. ericj
    Was messing with my Realistic Pro-50 today. The aluminum trim on one side had come loose, so i pulled out some "dragon skin" double-sided tape - pretty much carpet tape, you know, double sided tape that is intended to keep your rug from sliding around. Double sided duct tape, though this one says it removes cleanly so i guess double sided gaffer tape? Fabric and goo.

    6 little tabs of that between the vents got the trim stuck back on.

    I noticed that side I'd done that on had less of the bad resonance that has always bothered me with these, so i popped the trim off the other side and did that one too.

    Also installed some thin foam sheet between the baffle and the back of the cup on both sides.

    I still don't love them, but i don't hate them as much.

    Amp at this time is my CK2III built with Sanyo output transistors.
  11. kid vic
    I agree the K612s are great, I just preferred the K7XX to them though. Honestly, the K6/K7 family is every inch the equal of the HD6-line but with a lot less hype pushing them.
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  12. ericj
    Added to the K240 family parts that are available on thingiverse.

    Replacement spacer for the "rubber loop" p/n 2040M03030 with a channel for a commodity hair elastic. Since a card of black snagless hair elastics costs less than qty1 2040m03030.

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  13. KyungMin
    C5DFD6A1-9F54-4F61-8678-B9F9B017EAD0.jpeg Team AKG! I’m definitely in!!

    K240 DF
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  14. Miori
    Seems I'm also part of the team :) IMG_20190613_123041.jpg
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  15. Baycode
    Welcome to the team @KyungMin !

    I see very nice collection there. Would like to read some comparisons between K7XX and HD58X / HD6XX.

    Since I am curious about K240DF and knew that it's a detailed sounding headphone (on the high and mid-high range) would love to read something about them more. How does it sound compared to K501 and K7XX ?

    What is the ranking for your collection (soundwise)?
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