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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. Baycode
    Welcome to the team @Miori !

    I see a nice and clean collection there. I think you have both bass light and bass heavy versions of K340? Am I correct?

    A K400 sitting besides a K501, mmm very nice...

    I have no idea about those vintage HD540's sitting on the right upper corner.

    How do you rank your headphones (soundwise)?
  2. Miori
    I love K340 timbre so natural and clear, music Is so lively so First Place. Bass heavy or light often depends of pads that if are worn the bass Is more present.

    Second place for K501 where so wonderful soundstage and also a precise timbre of instruments. Bass a little light but correct.

    Third the "poor" K400 with their beatiful middle range and treble but really few bass. Voices are delicious.

    Forgot the K701 that once I liked but now I'm not able to listen anymore...soundstage too big (not nice for me) and not so natural timbre.

    Sennheiser hd540's are another world that would needs much more space but there Is a specific thread. I own also Gold that are One of my favourite cans ever. Hi
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  3. KyungMin
    I don't really listen to my DF that often but from what I can remember they are fairly flat. I'd say they have a bit more bass than the K501. Honestly what the DF do well is finding minor details or flaws in tracks. I don't think I've owned anything that requires more power than these really not even joking... I can turn up my darkvoice all the way completely.. my other cans would probably make me deaf if I did the same..
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  4. FritzS
    K271 MKII, K550; K501, K701, Q701, K712, K812, K872
    & K50 made by AKG for Philips.
    My preferred is K812!
  5. Baycode
    How would you describe bass quantity and quality on K812?

    Some (actually few) reviewers tell that the high region is killing it (sharp).

    BTW I love the design of K812.

    @KyungMin what's your ranking?
  6. FritzS
    I use 3D Mesh from an K872.
    I have known several ex AKG employees and got, after the closure of the AKG site in Vienna, this 3D mesh from one of these ex AKG employees.
    I have two pads from the K812, one set with and one set without 3D mesh.

    Occasional sharpness is already on the recordings according to my comparisons, only other headphones mask them. You can hear them when you listen closely to them.

    In my opinion, the K812 is the best in its price range. If you know his street prices, simply unbeatable price/performance ratio.

    I don't know how long and where the K812 will be produced. Does anyone here have better information about this?

    My example coming from Vienna (Austria).
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  7. FritzS
    Addendum: The bass is dry and reaches deep down.
    Wide, open stage, good depth.
    Midrange and treble very good resolution.
    Processing very good. By using a lot of metal (aluminium) somewhat heavier than the K/Q7xx series.
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  8. Baycode
    Thanks for information @FritzS .
  9. KyungMin
    Honestly the K812 is a decent all around can... so that’s no.1
    For classical I can’t decide whether the K501 or the K812 are better.
    K712 and K501 (tie)
    K7XX and K701 (tie)
    K240 df (don’t listen to these often though)

    Although I’d say I prefer the K701 on some songs over the the K712.. the lighter bass imo just sounds better on some songs mainly songs that are strictly instrumentals..
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  10. Kukuk
    Having jumped back on the K501 bandwagon, I feel they aren't as bright and shouty as I remember them being. Their mids do lean a little more toward the shouty side, but it's not overbearing. At least not yet. It may end up wearing on me, it's hard to say.
  11. Arvan
  12. Tshiknn

    I don't really have anywhere to photogenically line my headphones up, but I'm in, 100%. I haven't been in this hobby very long and it'll probably be a while before I can participate wholeheartedly since I'm a newly-minted college grad and you know how that is, but I've been particularly enchanted by the AKG house sound since I got the K553. Now I own that as well as the K712 and an EP K400 (my favorite of the three). Next up is the Sextett and hopefully one day I'll come for that K1000...
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  13. Baycode
    Welcome on board ! :beerchug:

    (K400 became my mostly used headphone as well...)
  14. ericj
    Line up all my AKGs for a photo? How do i get all 16 of them in the shot?

    Added K702 to the collection a couple months ago, added K271 (mk1) today -- seems like a K240-S sort of with more bass and more treble. I'm using the genuine velour pads i bought for my K340 back in the day.

    Got a silver-cup K141 coming in tomorrow.
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  15. ericj
    Hey, hot tip for anyone who has way too many old AKGs like me.

    If you have a K240/K141 style headphone with a wrecked headband, it turns out you can get replacements from chinese vendors.

    Moreover, if you search for K240 replacement headband, it's like $10-$13. But if you search for Superlux HD-681b replacement headband, it's less than $3 shipped. And probably the exact same thing because the headband parts are totally interchangeable between the K240 and HD-681b.

    Yeah the quality is going to be a LOT lower than the genuine article, and it won't say AKG on it, but hey. Maybe you have 3 versions of the K240-Monitor and one of them keeps snagging your hair and none of them are all that important?
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