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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. ericj
    Adding more confusion and surprise to this saga, the K270-Studio badge appears to have been adhered with the original adhesive. 
    I was able to slide an x-acto blade under the edge and then heated the badge with a heat gun until the adhesive was soft. It really looks like the adhesive was original. 
    The screw that holds the cap onto a k270 or k280 is off-center, so i am truly baffled. 
    The molded plastic around the headband wires on the left side has broken free on both sides. I've had good luck with epoxy on these in the past, but never one this bad. Gonna give it a shot. I think i will buy some new for-plastic epoxy though. 
    OH, now i get it. the headband was broke or they broke it. They twisted the cup off of the screw in the headband end. OW OW OW OW OW!
  2. ericj
    I was digging through manuals because it turns out that one of the drivers in my old 270 playback has a blown voice coil. 
    in a k270 the upper and lower drivers are different part numbers, and each is fitted with a different white rubber thing on the inside which the manual refers to as a bass resonator. 
    in a k280 the upper and lower drivers are identical, and there is no bass tuning thingie in the parts list. 
    I'm gonna have to call Frank and ask if k270 playback drivers are available. I don't have high hopes [​IMG]
  3. GREQ
    That helps explain why the K270 is generally held in higher esteem than the 280 which I didn't like so much.
  4. mikey1964
    The right side of my K812 went dead about six weeks back, I was especially troubled because I loved the clarity and soundstage (second to the HD800, I think of the K812 as a can of similar clarity with the HD800, with a smaller soundstage but better bass than the HD800). I sent it to the local distributor for RMA expecting to pay a fair bit of money for the repair/replacement since I believe it was off warranty. 
    The excellent folks at AKG decided to have mine replaced with a new one and I was only charged about 50USD (local $ converted to USD) for the replacement. I know it is a new K812 as a rep from the local distributor opened a brand new sealed K812 in front of me when I went to the service center to pick it up. How's THAT for excellent after sales service!!![​IMG] 
  5. vid
    My sole experience with the akg warranty service was that it took about four months, I eventually got the wrong model as a replacement - even though they specifically asked me which model I would like - and they didn't agree to re-replace it. The replacement sounded notably worse than what I had sent them; no point replacing neutral cans with bloaty bass cans, really.
  6. kid vic
    Do i get fanboy status?
    Left to right: K240 sextett, K340, K612, K7XX
  7. Baycode
    Recently purchased a K240 Sextett (I believe its MP version, still on the mail). Have been a fan and owner of K340 (modded) and proud owner of K7XX; I think I am back again with AKG.
  8. DW75
    I just bought the K550 today. They should be here from amazon in a couple days. I am currently an owner of the K612 Pro as well. It looks like I am now a double owner in the AKG club. [​IMG] I will put up a comparison between the two after burn in if anyone wants. I am super excited to get the K550.
  9. DW75
    Well, sad to say that I ended up cancelling my order on the K550. Many people here with smaller heads or glasses are experiencing issues with getting a good seal. I have a smaller head myself. I also wear glasses. For instance, on headphones with a number system on the headband of say 1 through 10, I am always in the first position. I just had visions of having to horse around with them, bending them, or having to mod them in various ways in order to get a correct fit. I just don't want to have to do that with a new pair of headphones. Now with that said, I ended up changing my order of the K550 to the Soundmagic HP150 instead. The HP150 and the K550 are said to sound very similar. I am excited to see how they are.

  10. Lewzke
    Nice collection, i bet you are a guitar lover. 
  11. kid vic
    Thanks, how much do you owe me? I love bass and vocals most!
  12. ampair
    a (rare) photo of my collection, taken by @Edgar Kaksis at our last Vienna meet! from right to left, k60 - k240 ep - mp - lp - k240df - k340 - k260 - k250 - k280 - k290 - k550 - k271mkii - k702ae.
    k267 and q701 are missing from the picture because someone was listening to them. some of the older ones are a bit beaten, but sonically all of them are still good as new.
    and yes, i am a fanboy and proud of it [​IMG]
    Baycode and kid vic like this.
  13. 2ter
    i'm in.
    k4, k60, k160, k140, k240 lp sextett, k240 mp sextett, philips n6330 lp sextett, philips n6330 mp sextett and 2 modded k240 monitors.
    just starting to refoam and recable them.
  14. ampair
    oh, hello there! long time no see :wink:
    welcome to the club!
  15. Ishcabible

    Another K4 owner! My K4 hasn't been used in years because the headband broke.

    I've amassed a few AKGs recently too. My collection:
    K181DJ, K240 Sextett LP (x2), K240 Anniversary, K270 Studio, K270 Playback, K271, K4, Realistic Pro 50
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