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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. ericj
    *shrug* from what I've found there was some variation in the pro 50, and akg says it's a k250. 
    Mine sounds terrible, fwiw. 
  2. GREQ
    Curious... do you still have this information? a web link or something?
  3. vid
    Wualta said his pro 50 sounded terrible, as well. Who knows why or how.
    I went digging a few years back, but never saw a pro 50 without passive radiators, and never saw a k 250 without sound ports. It's possible the pro 50 was a way for akg to clear sextett stock, given they were introducing the sound ports as well in the late '70s when the pro 50 popped up. They typically did a new cup design for their rebadges, which was the case here as well. Why they used this cup for the k 250 is unknown, as is the reason for the k 250 having akg's name absolutely nowhere on them (except maybe on the headband, I forget) despite them being branded as akg on the box. The k 250 might be a re-rebadge of the pro 50 with the new sound ports of the time, but I'd also note the fact that the difference between the k 250 and the k 241 - more neutral bass for the k 250 and more emphasized for the k 241, but otherwise almost the same - is the same as between the df and monitor. In that way, the k 250 may be a deliberate design (maybe experimental) on akg's part to offer a more 'neutral' counterpart for the k 241, same as what they had with the df/monitor duo.
  4. ericj

    It was all stuff i found in threads here.

    The sad part is that the primary contributor decided to erase all of his own posts.

    There was something about the pro 50 being "the original version of the k250" or something.

    I have been considering transplanting driver capsules from other AKG cans. Like maybe the k260pro. Or my early production k141m.

    .:Sent by pneumatic tubes
  5. GREQ
    Ah, that's a shame.
    I had the feeling that the design was experimental since the frame is really fragile and neither the 250 or Pro50 sounded as natural as the K240 variant counterparts.
  6. ericj
    It should be noted that the K260 had some variants sold by Philips. 
    I don't care for the k260 frame (squeaky!), and my k260pro, while not bad sounding, i find sort of meh. 
  7. vid
    The frame of my philips-branded k 260 (though I haven't seen actual proof that they're the same thing as the k 260) was notably flimsier than the one on the k 250, and the k 260 both sounded and measured worse. Which is why I trashed them.
  8. ericj
    Never seen the philips version. The "Made in Austria" is a dead giveaway that AKG made them, but it's possible that they aren't identical. 
    It's even likely that the headphones AKG made for other brands were cheaper on purpose. 
    I wouldn't call my K260 flimsy, but i hate the way the cups attach to the headband. and the way it squeaks. 
  9. GREQ
    Try adding graphite dust to the hinges. (scrape some off a pencil with a knife)
  10. ericj
    I might do something like that. but mostly i am just not excited by the way they sound. 
  11. ericj
    Got my poor abused K270-Studio. 
    Something really went pear shaped when the previous owner was trying to work on them. 
    How do you get the cap off of the back without removing the badge?!
  12. GREQ
    Not possible AFAIK.
    There's always 1 little screw in the middle of the cap under the badge.
    Best thing to remove these are guitar plectrums. They do the least damage.
  13. Yardstick
    I guess I'm on Team AKG. I started out with the K267 after a fairly long search. I took a chance since I couldn't hear them in person, and I knew about the breakage issues. Fortunately, I liked them from the start. And I liked them right up until they broke! :frowning2: AKG was pretty easy to deal with but they didn't have a new K267 to replace mine. I think they were being sneaky and sent a K712 as a replacement. I really like them too and I don't want to give them up, but I can't find anything that compares to the K267 for SQ and features. I might just have to give AKG more money!
  14. ericj
    No, I know that, i mean, the left side cap is off this pair of headphones, with the badge and screw installed in the cap. 
    And the badge is pretty secure. I'm going to try heating it up. the way the weather has been i might just take it outside for a few minutes. 
  15. GREQ
    Oh... that's kinda weird (didn't fully understand what you meant at first)
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