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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. DisCHORDDubstep
    owned them for over a year now. A few days ago a girl kicked my headphones out of my hand for whatever reason and they hit a wall. The outer plastic cover on the housing fell off, and I got a look at the thickness of the housing... Hooooly fek. These are pretty tankish in all reality.
    I then snapped the plastic cover thing back into place, yelled at the girl, then carried on with my day.
  2. DisCHORDDubstep

    well it works anyways and doesn't look that bad, so I dont really care much.
  3. BlueRequiem
    You might still want to open up your sextett, the foam that is inside of the cup is usually disintegrating and turning into a nasty gunk that can affect the sound quality (and make a mess).  You can get replacement foams, but you could just rip the old ones out and see if you can hear a difference. For me it added a bit of clarity, and a good opportunity to change the elastics. If you do open them up, be careful and have a soldering iron available in case a wire comes loose. If you're interested, here is a source for factory replacements for the shot elastics and the inner foam ring.
    elastics: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/384538.html
    Inner Foam Ring: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/455987.html
  4. Oktyabr
    Ya, I love AKG... at least their open backed cans.  K701, K712, K7XX (to be continued...)
  5. ericj
    The foam ring on the inside of a K240 is there to keep the frame parts from banging together. It's nice to have and prevents some mechanical noises. Certainly clean out the cups if you have a vintage k240 and have never done so. 
  6. Lewzke
    I've got the K501 and K401 and i love them. Definitely the very best purchase i've ever made: 80 USD for K501, and  28 USD for K401 (both from aftermarket).
    I use the K401 for rock, trip-hop and the K501 for classical, acoustical audiophile records. The old AKG's just rock!
  7. kid vic
    I've heard (here) that the K501's are one of the finest jewell's akg ever produced. I'd like to find out for my self soon
  8. Lewzke
    Yeah, they are good cans but don't expect punchy bass from them. The K401 has more bass impact/energy and little bit less refined highs and mids. That is the tradeoff between clarity and bass.
    I love them because of the musicality, they sound like expensive audiophile speakers without subwoofer. They are tuned for strings and female vocals. I love Norah Jone's voice ... [​IMG]
  9. troymadison

    I haven't had a pair of those in years. Kinda wish I never sold them.
  10. dmort
    I have a pair of k501s and k601s. The k501 is a really well balanced headphone that just lacks a little bit of bass impact. I really like them when I'm working and I want to be surrounded by sound as opposed to pummeled by it. 
  11. kid vic
    Thus far the K612's are the most neutral headphones I've heard, I guess the K501 is a wider soundstage withe less bass compared to your K601?
  12. troymadison
    The bass impact tied well with the overall signature, it gave it the presence of airiness and soundstage. The upper midrange was a bit hard to get used to unfortunately. The K400 i own seem like a more tolerable version of the K501.
  13. Lewzke
    The sound signature is very pad condition dependent.  When i had old deformed pads, my ears were closer to the driver and the sound was harsh and boomy, the soundstage was horrible.
    I simply washed the pads with my hands and i've got back the initial pad form, completely changed the sound to the initial one.
  14. CrystalT
    I have a pair of vintage K340, the electrotet/dynamic hybrid. works great, but I am in need of a portable dac/amp. is anyone familiar with what would be the LEAST expensive dac/amp I could possibly afford that could run these things?
  15. wink
    I own some AKGs'
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