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Roll Call for Team AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vr6ofpain, Aug 5, 2006.
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  1. DisCHORDDubstep
    looking for something better than Magni, but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Fearless1
    The older model would need an adaptor, the newer model has an out. It is not the be all end all in dynamics, but if you look around a second hand one can be had for around 150 bucks. The Emotiva drives them with authority, waking up the bass and sound stage. 
    A used Lyr or Horizon are also great suggestions, but I actually prefer the Sextetts out of an SS amp(and I am a tube kinda guy).
  3. Tuco1965
    Have you heard the Sextetts through a Magni? They sound quite good.
  4. DisCHORDDubstep
    well thanks. I'm going to definitely be looking at them.
  5. qazxsw80
    The K400, K500, K501, K701, K702AE, K812, K1000
  6. Lewzke
    Wow! Nice collection. Can you make a small comparison between the flagship K812 and the old K501/K400 models? I never heard the K812.
  7. alpha80
    K812 Pro
    Q701 w/ Bass Port mod
    I think I qualify !
  8. alpha80
    Wow !!!  Only thing missing from this absolutely historic Austrian collection, would be a K340 !
    And in addition to echo'ing Lewzke's request....I also want to know how you feel about the material on the pads of the K400 ?
  9. ericj
    If we include the K340, we should probably include the K270 Playback. Guess which one i like better. 
    And speaking of my 270 Playback - does anybody have a factory single-entry cable from an AKG they might part with? 
  10. GREQ
    What's the difference between K270 Playback and K280 Parabolic? 
    Is K270 closed back and K280 semi-open back?
  11. Tiemen
    Yes. But I can't compare their sound, never had a k280.
    Love my K270 Playback....
  12. GREQ
    I can't say the same about the K280 parabolic I had once.
    I thought it made music sound hollow, distant and had a seriously weird soundstage.
    Curious about the Playback now.
  13. metal571
    I confess. I'm an AKG loyalist. Once I got into this hobby, I had to find out what my dad's hi-fi headphone of choice was that he's had for 40 years. Turns out it was an Austrian K140 from the original Sextett line, and the interest has just grown from there.
    Right now I own:
    K701, Austria, Serial #27339 (early 2008 manufactured judging by the K701 serial # thread)
    K240 Sextett LP
    K550 (few months old, newest sound sig without the sharp peak of the old units)
    K240DF (just sent to Tyll for measurement)
    Previously owned:
    K271 Mk II, China. Didn't like the cup resonance but I think I've changed my mind and may re-buy an Austrian pair if I can find one.
    K240 Studio, China. Sold to a friend when I got the DF. Definitely not as refined as my Sextett.
  14. ericj
    Just paid 70-some euros for a mintier 270 playback. Might have a gimpy but functional playback for sale in a month or so.

    .:Sent by pneumatic tubes
  15. qazxsw80
    Sorry for a long answer, I was on holiday. Actually, to be honest I don't listen that much the K400/500/501 and I'm going to sell them. And there's a reason for that- they can't do anything better than the K812 and K1000.
    For starters, of course, the K812 has much better bass. It's deeper and much punchier. And if I don't want that bass I just can use the K1000 which is similiar in this area to the K501 but better in almost everything else.
    Second, the K812 just reveals significantly more details and you can hear it right away. Once you hear them side by side it's kind of difficult to return to the K501.
    The K501 has a little bit more air than the K812 but they can't compete with the K1000 at all.
    Well, I actually don't collect any headphones It just happened accidentally.) Just saw some interesting phone and then bought it. And I'm kind of lazy selling the headphones I don't listen to. Concerning to your question, the pads of the K400/500 are made out of some synthetic material which is not as pleasant to your ears as velour of the K702 AE but it's more breathable,durable and doesn't collect any dust and dirt. I don't have any problem with them and I definitely prefer them over those sweaty pleather pads of the K812.
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