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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. maciux
    Everything is back to normal. Thank you very much for your work.
  2. all999
    Works great, hold button is perfect now, thanks!
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    Great work!!
  4. all999
    One question and maybe sugestion. "First button press enables backlight only" - I like this one, but is there any chance to make this option available also only for power button. Just click power button to wake up the screen, but be able to change tracks and volume without waking up the screen at the same time. Hope that makes sense[​IMG]
  5. headwhacker
    Setting that option to "no", does exactly what you described.
  6. Hawk84r

    Man, that's just sweat. Averything i needed is now there! Thank's a bunch, and keep up incredible work :)
  7. Hawk84r
    "Off" in "backlight on hold" does just that, but with Hold button. Power button is reserved for "Back" function. So, generaly, answere is no, I pretty much sure that messing with core rockbox funcrionality (like changing button wake from all to specific one button) would be a challenge, and even if it's not - what the point? This functionality already implemented, just with another button...
  8. headwhacker
    True, I don't want to change the current behavior of the power button because it also perform the back/previous screen function. It could potentially break some screens and/or themes. With all the options available with the hold/lock switch. I think it's more than enough to handle most usage scenarios in terms of controlling backlight/sleep.
    all999 likes this.
  9. all999
    Sure thing, thanks for your work.
  10. Wishmasterx
    In Rockbox is small "bug" in wps screen. Wallpaper is aligned 1 pixel to left. It mean, that first column pixels of wallpaper is not visible and last column on screen is chaotic (show last column of menu or doubled last column of wallpaper). It is too visible in standart theme - example here can You see it:
    Is it general RB small bug in core or is chance to repair it?
    I have idea, if I make wallpaper 321x240, maybe cover it. I will tested it on evening.
  11. headwhacker
    It does not seem like a Rockbox issue. It happens on DX50 as well. Check Cholero's post about it in the DX50 rockbox thread. It appears to be an issue with LCD screen used on both devices.
    Keep us posted if your workaround can fix it.
  12. cholero
    It is no rockbox bug, it exists also with official Firmware. You can see it if you take a bright background image and make a 1px balck frame from m pixel 2-319, 2-239 on it.
    You will see that on the left and at bottom the bright frame is cut off and on the right there is the last line repeated. The repeated line contains what there has been when screen has been turned on.
  13. cholero
    I wrote to iBasso because of that but don't have much hop that it will ever been fixed (or maybe can't).

    I was surprised that I got a response at all:

    Thank you very much for the bug report. I am going to pass your email to our software department.

    iBasso Audio
  14. Wyd4
    Hey headwhacker.
    Thanks so much for all the work you have put into this.
    After running this since it popped up for dx90 I still can't decide between lurkers or rb.
    I alternate daily I think lol.
    Both sound great.
    I would argue that lurkers sounds more detail yet rb more neutral, but I just commit to that really either lol.

    Great work!!
  15. headwhacker

    No worries then as you got both. :)
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