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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    #1 worked for me. I thought I'd enabled this before but hadn't. Got it right this time and DB built quickly. Thanks for you help!
    I have a question about rockbox: it looks like even when backlight is off LCD is not powered completely? Coz it reacts on my touches and I can see all data ot it.
  3. mejoshua
    I don't really use eq, can anyone comment on the change (upgrade I presume) in SQ with Rockbox vs stock? Thanks!
  4. headwhacker
    Use the hold switch to deactivate the LCD.
    Hmmm. Hold switch does not deactivate LCD. LCD on, I switch button - LCD still ativated. Nothing happens.
  6. headwhacker
    What exactly do you when when backlight is off?  You should not see anything on the screen. That is the screen should be blank.
    If not you have set a timeout period in seconds from the display settings. If you set it to "on" it will not turn off ever. the hold switch when switched on will only deactivate the touchscreen, meaning it will not respond to any touch commands (e.g. scrolling, or clicking). Turning off the hold switch (sliding it down) will activate the touchscreen and turn on the LCD/backlight if it is off.
  7. headwhacker
    I encourage you to compare it yourself. Many arguments and opinions can be made or already been discussed on other forums. But at the end of the day, only you can decide which is best for your own experience. 
    My personal experience with stock vs rockbox is I get more neutral response overall with Rockbox. The stock player still has a little emphasis on the low end. 
    Functionality wise, rockbox has a lot to offer than the stock. Of course, more option makes thing a bit complicated so there is a learning curve using rockbox compared to the simple GUI the stock player offers.
    Also if you believe 24bit has an audible difference vs 16 bit format then probably rockbox is not for you. Rockbox will resample all 24 bit files to 16/44 on playback.
    My settings for "backlight of Hold" - Off.
    When I switch hold button to the top - LCD is still active. But if I press any button, for example "play", it will blank.
    But it's not completely blank, in good light i can barely see that the screen is not completely turned off and just dimmed, and there still can be seen "play" screen.
  9. headwhacker
    Don't set it to "off" yet. You should set a timer. Say 2s. In the next release the 3 "backlight on hold" options (on, off, timer) will be fully supported.
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  10. napka
    I've modified Cabbie theme for DX90 and made nice WPS and fonts for it, you may like it, take a look at post #237
    Edit: fixed broken link (dropbox :-/)
  11. headwhacker
    New build now available for download.
    Change log
    31/08/2014 - Further tweaks with memory usage, thread priority and buffering. Improves handling and delays with very long playlist.
           - The setting “First Buttonpress Enables Backlight only” when set to “Yes” will respond to all hardware buttons not just the Power button. If set to “No” the backlight remains off but will respond to touch commands.
           - The “backlight on hold” setting when set to “off” will now immediately turn off the backlight when the hold switch is activated.
           - New option “Off + Buttons disabled” under “backlight on hold” settings. When selected, activating the hold button ignores both touchscreen and hardware buttons. (Play/Pause, Rew, Fwd and Volume buttons)
           - New option “Buttons disabled, Backlight on” under “backlight on hold” settings. When selected, activating the hold button keeps the backlight on but ignores both touchscreen and hardware buttons. (Play/Pause, Rew, Fwd and Volume buttons)     
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  12. Wishmasterx
    I have bug in 0.2.9.
    In my theme I have:
    # Track # of #
    %ac%?Sr<%pe %Sx(of) %pp|%pp %Sx(of) %pe>
    In version 0.2.2 this write on screen: 1 of 12
    In version 0.2.9 this write on screen: 1 Base S
    (there is maybe more letters, but are out of setting space).
    This is on all albums I have.
  13. headwhacker

    Which theme is this? Is it a non-english theme? Does it happen on other themes?
  14. maciux
    Same here, doesn't matter which language I choose. "Now playing" shows also name of current theme - "base skin", near track number. I'm using standard theme.
    Also menus names are different than before, few new strange options showed up in main menu, like "recursively insert directories" (which shows "new keyboard") or "glyphs to cache". Themes is "colors", and in settings there is some <untagged> options. Whole system looks more chaotic.
    I've tried reinstall it twice, no changes. But Rockbox seems faster.
  15. headwhacker
    Could you try this build. Thanks
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