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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Wyd4

  2. pataouetes
    Hello from France. Can you describe me please how to uninstall Rockbox from my dx90? Since your last two firmwares, the database stays by 0 and can't be reinitialized. Thanks for your great job.
  3. pataouetes
    I forgot to say I followed your instructions 'To rollback to a stock firmware or any modded versions. Follow the same steps above using the "update.img" from the stock firmware release.' Nothing is deleted, neither the songs from the internal storage, nor the rockbox software. Thanks again.

  4. headwhacker
    If you flashed the stock firmware and able to boot to Mango you already completed the rollback. The FW update will not delete user data in the DX90's internal storage. You have to delete it manually if you need to.
    Also asking Rockbox to scan folders other than /mnt/eternal_sd will mostly likely result to failed database scan because it will refuse to complete if there are non-music data files.
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  5. deho
    Very nice. I downloaded it and will include it in the next version of my theme collection, which I will post soon. :)
  6. deho
    @headwhacker: Thanks for the constant updates. The newest build is quite an improvement again. :)
    By the way, there is another small bug which exists since the very beginning of rockbox for the DX50:
    Whenever you try to save the current playlist in database mode it displays 'Error accessing playlist file'.
    You can't save to '<home>/Playlists', you have to change it to '/sdcard/Playlists' (which is the same directory).
    I now edited the entry 'playlist catalog directory:' in rockbox/config.cfg to '/sdcard/Playlists' and now saving the playlist works. Could you modify the entry and include it in the next build?
  7. headwhacker
    No problem, that should be easy to fix. Will fix the default Playlist path on my next build.
  8. goodvibes
    I noticed that the latest Rockbox build (been a while since I used it) allows either 44k or 48k operation. Is that correct? Can Rockbox now natively clock 48k?
  9. headwhacker

    I did enable it and at first appeared to be working. However, when I look at the stream before it gets sent to the DAC it's still 44.1k.

    You must be looking at build 0_2_9. I did not actually intend to include that option and I removed it on 0_3_0.
  10. pataouetes
    Hello. Sorry for the question but my English is poor. Can you please me describe me how to '- If it's still not building -, clear the contents of the rockbox folder in the DX90's internal storage.' I think it could resolve my problem but I don't know how to. Thanks. Daniel
  11. headwhacker
    1. Go to Settings > General Settings, > Database > Select Directories to Scan,
    2. then  navigate to  /mnt/external_sd.
    3. press and hold this folder.
    4. You should see the icon status change. They are selected when you see a green arrow before each sub folder. (The indicator may be different depending on which theme you are using).
    5. Go back to the main menu (press the power button several times) and Re-initialize the database scan.
    If you put music files in DX90's internal storage and you want to scan it in addition to the external_sd folder, look for the /mnt/sdcard/<music folder> and do the same steps as above.
    Furthermore, I will set the default to /mnt/external_sd for database scan on my next build. 
  12. Lurker0
    I translate here a feature request from Russian users:
    Currently, short press and release of the power button works like "go back", and long press turns the player off. The idea is to implement, if possible, "medium press and release" to directly go to WPS.
    I don't use Rockbox myself and I'm not familiar with it, but I was explained that currently there is no a quick way out from menus back to the play screen.
  13. goodvibes
    Downloaded 8-31 from OP link. Pitched to zip so don't know which it is. I still prefer the native Lurker version FW but RB is a useful tool and does sound good on the unit with dither engaged.
  14. headwhacker
    I see, Playing 24-bit files on Rockbox puts it in disadvantage in my experience. But downsampling, the same 24-bit file to 16/44 (Using sox with vhq option) puts in at least on par with Mango. 
  15. headwhacker
    Still considering options for a quick way to WPS screen coming from the inner depths of the menus :) 
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