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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. goodvibes
    I didn't find 48K any better sounding with downsampling and worse with 44 material (as expected).
    I only use 16/44 when I compare the FW's sonics. It's a preference of character thing and I happen to prefer Mango. If I was a Redbook with EQ or effects sort of guy, I'd be all about RB and like I said, think it sounds good on the unit.
  2. headwhacker
    I am working on a way for a single-button-press-to-WPS screen while you are deep into a menu. 
    The power button already serving 2 important functions (power off and back/previous screen buttons) will be obviously very challenging to take a 3rd function without breaking things.
    I'm thinking of using one of the 3 playback control buttons (Prev, Play, Fwd).
    Of these 3 buttons, I find the Play button to be the least useful while in a menu outside the WPS screen. The Prev and Fwd buttons are very useful and handy in traversing/scrolling through a very long list which is sometimes very challenging for the touchscreen. Although the play button serves as the select action button on menus you can easily use the touchscreen to select an item and I think is the most natural way of interacting with DX90.
    Anyone has any problem with this idea? To be clear the play button will function as is while in the WPS screen. That is Play or Pause the music currently loaded.
  3. Hawk84r
    Have nothing against it, but have a suggestion thou: maybe it'll be better to assing quick jump to WPS on a long-press of Play? This way you have to sacrifice nothing as there is no action on long-press of Play button, if i recall correctly.
  4. Wishmasterx

    My Idea with 321x241 wallpaper not function. Wallpapers more than 320x240 are not displayed.
    I have one other problem. How much size of code in .wps file is maximum? I want give equalizer to my theme, but eq gain parameters in rb are -240 to 0 to +240 - it is 481 steps. I must have 10x:
    %?St(eq band 0 gain)<%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qa)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qb)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qc)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qd)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qe)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qf)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qg)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qh)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qi)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qj)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Qk)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Ql)|%xd(Qm)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qn)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qo)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qp)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qq)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qr)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qs)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qt)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qu)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qv)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qw)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qx)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)|%xd(Qy)>
    When I have 8 bands, all is OK. But when I give to code 9 bands, theme not function. But I need 10 bands :D
    I try it over Bar function:
    %St(0,0,15,49,R,vertical,eq band 0 gain)
    But Bar is displayed full without any effect of gain setting.
  5. headwhacker
    Thanks, it makes more sense. Press and hold on the play button actually brings up the context menu depending on the item selected  in a menu. But then it can just easily be done on the touchscreen.
    But using a single press of the play button only takes out both item select and context menu action
    So it's press+hold on the Play button it is for WPS screen.
  6. cholero
    The simulator usually displays useful debug information about a wps file.
    About background: my workaround is to paint the pixel line on the right end absolutely black on all images that reach the right end. And of course the menu frame in .cfg and .sbs has to be maximum 319 px wide.
  7. headwhacker
    @Wishmasterx, I have not played with the WPS code yet. But it looks like you have something cool with the theme you are creating.
    I suggest you bring it up on the rockbox dev chat (http://www.rockbox.org/irc/). There is a link there for the IRC web client 
    Someone may have an idea or more knowledgeable with what you are doing right now.
  8. cholero

    I will be interested in your solution for this. Because the existing go_to_previous_music (or similar) does not take you immediately to wps. I guess you have to add a new "action". Good lucl
  9. headwhacker
    Yes you are right, need to add a new action. I already made the change and looks fine just doing more test. I'll ping you the code later.
  10. headwhacker
    2-key combinations including the power button works for quick switching to WPS screan.
    So far, press and quick release of power buttons then pressing the Prev button appears to work fine. Only thing with this key combination is that most people would likely need two hands :)
    For those who have big hands one handed operation is very much possible.
  11. PoRidge
    I have a question about the downsampling of RB. Is it handled by the software when reading the file right before it passes the signal to the DAC chip? If I connect the RBed DX90 to an external DAC through coax out, will it still downsample the file?
    Great job keeping up the updates.
  12. headwhacker
    As far as I can tell, Rockbox will always downsample before sending the signal either to a local or external DAC.
  13. saratoga
    Everything will be converted to whatever the master sampling rate is.
  14. Tamirci
    I can't download the RB firmware from Mega. Anybody has other links?
  15. headwhacker
    Tamirci likes this.
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