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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. cholero
    For the plugins: didn't you take my keymaps from gerrit to make them all work as base?
  2. headwhacker
    Different plugins seems to have different issues not just the keymap. Did you need to define plugins in the SUBDIR files?
  3. napka
    As far as I know, this plugin gathers data for Auto-Change Directory: Auto option which plays random folder when there is nothing more to play in current folder. I am not sure if you said the same thing.
    This option has super powers when Resume Playback on power on function is enabled: you can control your DX90 without taking it out of the pocket or bag. Something like iPod Shuffle mode, but with full albums :)
  4. headwhacker
    I think I understand it as you described it. "shuffle mode in full album" instead of individual tracks. I too listen one album at a time and this feature is indeed powerful. Restricting this feature to read only the /mnt/external_sd folder means it will only pick up music files. The default was to read starting at root (/) which will include non music files.
    I enabled all auto option and it appears to be working fine. Anyway you'll get to test it once I completed the new build.
  5. cholero
    Every plugin has its own style. Some are in subdirs, some keymaps are in a .h some in a .c file. See all files on my gerrit patch in the subfolder apps/plugins
  6. Tamirci
    Guys does it run as DAC on osx?
    I tried for the first time (first booted as mano) but couldnt get it done. Osx does not see anything when I connect as dac. I know that because I am using AudioSwitcher and options didn't change after plugging to the mba.
  7. pegasus21
    Unfortunately the DAC driver isn't available for OSX and iBasso doesn't seem to be working on it.
    Looking better with each new release. Great job!
  8. all999
    That's what they told me a month ago:
    "We are now trying to develop the USB-DAC driver for Mac.  But we are still not sure if we can complete it."
  9. headwhacker
    New build now available
    Link to Mega
    Link to Google Drive
    Change log
    13/09/2014 - Enabling “Gather Runtime Data” from Settings -> General Settings -> Database no longer goes to “PANIC stkov” screen and crash the Linux Kernel. Playback runtime statistics are now saved in the database.
                       - “Load to RAM” added in Settings -> General Settings -> Database. Setting this option to “yes” allows rockbox to cache database to RAM which makes database navigation and search faster.
                       - random folder advance config plugin was modified to scan only “/mnt/external_sd”. Generating this file should be quick now and only contains music folders. Activating “Auto-Change Directory” to automatically shuffle by album should be ok now.
                       - Audioscrobbler (Last.fm log) is now saved in rockbox folder. Once activated (Settings -> Playback settings -> Last.fm log) it will save the file “scrobbler-timeless.log” in /sdcard/rockbox.
                       - Fixed a bug with “backlight on hold” option “Buttons disabled, Backlight On”. When switched to hold position, it does not reset the backlight timeout which turns off backlight when the backlight timeout elapsed.
                      - Plugins added
                                * Oscilloscope
                                * VU_meter
  10. bpfiguer Contributor
    I just installed Rockbox_DX90_0_4_4.zip.
    The coaxial digital output works when the player is on batteries but not on AC power. However, the headphone analog out works when the player is on batteries or AC power.
    Does anybody here have a clue?
  11. headwhacker
    I assume when you say on AC you use a USB wall charger connected to DX90. It should work. I tried it myself. Coax connected to UHA-6S amp while DX90 is charging via USB.. There must be something wrong with your setup. 
  12. bpfiguer Contributor
    Problem solved:
    The coaxial digital output does not work when the player is being charged with the AC/USB charger purchased here (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LXG6RZ2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) . The Anker 18W 3.6A Wall Charger works fine http://www.amazon.com/Anker%C2%AE-Dual-Port-Charger-Portable-Travel/dp/B00B8L36A6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410663328&sr=8-1&keywords=Anker%C2%AE+18W+3.6A+Wall+Charger
  13. bpfiguer Contributor
    Folders displayed under Rockbox.
    When I select “Files” under Rockbox I get the following folders:
    acct, cache, config, d, data, dev, etc, mnt, proc, res, root, sbin, sdcard, storage, sys, system, and vendor
    The internal music files are located on the folder path sdcard\my music files while the external music files (micro SD card) on the folder path mnt\external_sd\my music files.
    Does anybody know a way for a quickest access to the music files?
    Does anybody know a way to hide all the folders (except the ones containing music files) described below?
    Thank you
  14. headwhacker
    You can do any of the following for quickly browsing music files.
    1. Generate and use the Database.
    2. From the files browser go to /mnt/external_sd. Press and hold on "external_sd" on the touch screen until you see the context menu. Select "Start File Browser Here".
    2.1 Alternatively, from the context menu you can also use "Add to Shortcuts" . A link will be created in the Shortcuts folder from the main menu. You can have multiple shortcuts that points to different folders of your choosing.
  15. pataouetes
    Hi. I'm up to date with your last FW. There's an issue sometimes: I'm earing music and suddenly there's an horrible noise instead at the maximum volume that makes me and my ie800 crazy !
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