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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Thanks for this precision mate, very interesting, personally i'm more than certain that it affect my DX90 negatively cause I just can't dig as deep in sound spectrum than before, but the power conversion feel weak, with Mango it take about 3-5 minutes so the player ''open up'' and have his real sound, it's subtle but real. Like if the circuit need to warm and stabilise. I really want to understand what you talk about, especially power conversion schematic (any link?). It's time to became less dumb about what's affect sound quality....Did the mod is very pricy? Can you tell what it's about??
    I'm listening right now to DX90 with Portapro and it's very delightfull:)
    And for battery life, I think all 3 batteries I got (2 samsung and stock one) just can't give more than 6h at volume I listen music, it's not the dual boot mode, anyway, I try the 5.1 lurker version now and conclude RB is not for me (i'm don't like to have to use (the impressive) EQ, prefer using other iem).
  2. Packgrog
    I just discovered today (after being away from Head-Fi for a while) that there was a Rockbox port for the DX90. I guess Rockbox still hasn't developed support for output greater than 16/44? That's unfortunate.

    One thing that folks seem to be unaware of is that Rockbox will play 32-bit WavPack files just fine. I make recordings of my vinyl at 24/192 and convert them down to 32/44 for use on my iRiver H120 feeding my iBasso D14. The sound surpasses hi-res files fed to the same DAC from my MacBook.

    But here's the thing: Based on when I looked at the code 10 years ago, all files are buffered up to 32-bit float when any sound alteration is applied (EQ, probably ReplayGain, etc.) before being converted back down to 16-bit for final output. Their resampler code is lousy by their own admission (or at least it was 10 years ago), so if you have a decent enough resampler, just save it to 32/44, compress it with WavPack, and turn on Dithering in RockBox. The sound is far better in this case than when creating 16/44 files from higher-res originals.

    So disappointing that no one has yet made Rockbox fully hi-res audio capable. It's so much better than most other software in pretty much every other regard.
  3. alnasique
    Hello, all, I hope the topic lives?
    I agree on that different firmware versions offer different sound, it's like Russian roulette)(. a matter of fact that DX90 sounds worse than my old iPod 5.5 in terms of sound stage and airy sound. Going to have mod it by Sanmigel in Moscow (will this help ? ), and then, you are saying, the sound will be constant? like what? not affected by FW at all? as for now, I am trying all firmware versions. No luck with 2.0 though- won't install. Does RB enhance the sound any? what is the advantage then? For iPOd 5.5 it was a big step forward. but here, I cant notice any difference yet. thanks
  4. alnasique
    hello, is there an option to install RB boot loader separately, like we used to do for iPods? or is there an instruction on how to patch a FW for RB bootloader. The reason being I have a nice custom FW purist rom dx90 that delivers a good sound to me, and I want to use it with rockbox. thank you
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