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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. napka

    Latest FW version I used was 2.3.0+L1. People reported playback gaps later, I'm not sure if it is related to FW version.
    Anyways, you can return to earlier version any time.
  2. jongroove
    Thanks @napka.  I also have 2.3.0 +L1 I think.  Unless there are any obvious benefits or improvements for me from upgrading, then I won't do it.
  3. Paul Fenwick
    i downloaded this and now rockbox will not boot up anymore says its missing yet its there in the apps folder
  4. cholero

    This is because this is the regular lurker firmware. If you want rockbox working you need to get the modified version containing the rockbox dualboot app linked some post earlier:
    ... and no need to touch the ".rockbox" folder. As soon as you have the correct Firmware installed it works again.
    Paul Fenwick likes this.
  5. Paul Fenwick
    that's the one i tried but it still didn't work??? puzzled
  6. cholero
    .... then i was wrong, sorry.
    You dont have an old update.img in the internal storage or on the sd card?
    And is your lock switch still working (to go to the boot selector)? You can test it with mango..
  7. Paul Fenwick
    no i wrote over the existing image file. the lock button works as i can select rockbox upon booting up but when i select it , it says error rockbox installation missing
  8. cholero
    That means that the firmware is correct.
    There must be something missing in the .rockbox folder. Just overwrite it one more time. Settings wont be lost if they are still there.
    And: only napkas or the builds from the rockbox website work with it, not headwhacker rockbox builds.
  9. Paul Fenwick
    think its working again thanks for your help!!
  10. napka
    There is a readme just in case.
  11. Pete7
    This is my 2nd time owning a DX90. My wife surprised me with a new one for my birthday a few weeks ago. I had an issue the first time with the Batch Tool and it bricked my unit, so after Ibasso repaired it I sold it. No problems this time changing firmwares. And while I love Rockbox for 16/44.1 FLAC files, Lurker's 2.1.5 L4 is by far the best Mango firmware I've heard. If there's any way you could base a FW on this, it would be so appreciated. The 2.1.5 L2 based one is nice, but it's lacking dynamics and overly soft, IMO.
  12. Ramada
    I had purchased my iBasso DX90 a few month ago. I installed Rockbox yesterday, I just love it! Thank you!!
  13. napka
    Sorries to everyone who messaged me about Rockbox@DX90 but got no answer. Sometimes I really have no time to answer. Actually it's better to ask questions in this thread.
  14. kakluote
    which FW version do you think is better
    2.1.5L5 or 2.5.1L2 ?
  15. kakluote
    which FW version do you think is better
    2.1.5L5 or 2.5.1L2 ?
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