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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Pete7
    I would have to say 2.1.5 L4 or L5, at least for me. But I still switch back to 2.5.1 every now and then. I like them both, but neither is the end-all, be-all because I'm too finicky, lol. To my ears, 2.1.5 L4 sounds more neutral with good dynamics, but the 2.5.1 sounds like it has a bit more mid-range, a sub-bass, and pretty good dynamics, too. I would suggest trying them out and enjoy. I think those two are the best, for me anyway, with my taste and phones.
  2. kakluote
    i feel 2.1.5 L5 is better for Voices ,less dynamic and sub-bass
    2.5.1 more dynamic and bass but voices is a little far and dry
  3. Feistres
    This is probably a stupid question but if i want to update rockbox from the version on napych website can I do it by downloading the latest daily from the main rockbox repository and delete or overwrite the old? Or is there modifications to the napych version?
  4. napka

    If you already use my (napych.com) rockbox build, you can just update .rockbox folder with copy and replace files.
    If you use Headwhacker's build, you should copy .rockbox folder to your player first and then install firmware with dual boot.
  5. baxwar2092
    Hey guys,

    I've installed rockbox on my dx90 and love it, however i only seem to have one frustrating problem with playback. Basically every now and then the song im listening to will cut and go silent for 1-2 secs then come back. It almost always happens on the first startup track i play, then i could be listening to an entire album and theres nothing.

    Please help guys, its annoying the hell outta me :) appreciate it :thumbsup:
  6. napka

    Try formatting your flash card to exFAT, FAT32 whichever helps.
  7. baxwar2092
    Its already in exfat format. This problem only happens on rockbox not the mango player
  8. Feistres
    I was having the same issue, I was advised to buy a sandisk card and stop using the samsung cards i had. This fixed the problem for a while but as of late i'm having the issue again on the new sandisk card. I have copied everything off the card, reformatted as both fat32 and exFat and copied everything back and still getting the issue. I've just given in and deal with the pauses, its not every time i start the player but the majority of the times. It can also happen when i swap albums. I was also told to go into playback settings and increase the anti-skip buffer but that setting doesn't exist in my options menu anywhere.
  9. pietro77
    In my case formatting to fat32 help with rockbox on dx50, but dont helps on dx90. The only thing which was working for me was changing from napych version to older port by Headwhacker.
  10. baxwar2092

    I might give this a go, are there any annoying bugs on this build? Could you provide a link?

    Appreciate it bro :thumbsup:
  11. pietro77
    You can find information and links on:
    look at the bottom.
    I didn't notice any annoying bugs, but I`m not using a lot of features on it. Also as I remember rockbox is loaded in different way than napych`s, so you must read about it.
    From napych version I missed only different behave of power button, (screen sleep, back to menu).
    baxwar2092 likes this.
  12. napka
    Back in the day I used Sandisk 128G microSD with 2.3.0L1 firmware without any issues with latest rockbox. I have no DX90 anymore, so I can't check it out now.
  13. gatucho
    I also used to have the skipping problem at the beginning when a large playlist was loaded. I tried everything including several SD cards and was unable to eliminate it. The only solution was to use the Headwhacker port.
    Still the best functionality of any player I have tried, can't live without the parametric EQ now!
  14. NymPHONOmaniac
    Is it just me or rockbox firmware did not sound right at all?
    I install dual boot and make comparaison from mango to RB with test tracks and there a lack of clarity and imaging with the RB, like it's veiled and feel more synthetic sounding, more like a Sony or Benjie....In fact, i'm more than certain that in term of sound quality and cleaness it's a stepback from any stock firmware. Battery life is smaller too. EQ is nice and very detailed with plenty of option, wich work for real, like pushing fowards vocals or bass, but still to the cost of a somewhat congested soundsignature.

    Very nice firmware for the one who like to tweak with sound, but i'm very confuse about how it sound different. Now i'm a little afraid about how to uninstall the headwhacker port. I will try with line out to see if it sound better before.
  15. napka
    My DX90 was deeply modded by Sanmigel and I found Rockbox and Mango sound pretty similar, nothing synthetic. With latest rockbox, battery life is similar too.
    When DX90 is not modded, it's heavily dependant on all aspects of software processing including firmware footprint, etc. Even formatting internal flash memory can affect sound. That's caused by bad power conversion schematics. That's quite common for many, many DAPs.
    When all DSP functions are disabled, both rockbox and mango software feed DAC with bit-perfect stream, so any sound influence are 1) hardware faults leading to sound changes both ways and 2) placebo. Both can take place depending on setup and listener.
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