Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)
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Sep 4, 2013
 NOTICE: official build from the rockbox source is available now at @napka's site
Full source code is available and updated at

The following details are for the old build prior to Napka's and other's contributions which is the current and active running build from Rockbox's official site. Please take note the builds below are no longer maintained. However,It is fairly stable and all if not most music playback related glitches had been fixed. Please refer to Napka's site for the latest build.

Rockbox for DX90

Based from the Rockbox DX50 source ported by Ilia (xzcc)
Special thanks to Ilia Sergachev for his initial work on DX50 port and for providing some assistance on this project and cholero for actively working with me in bringing Rockbox to DX90..

Firmware download link:
iBasso official firmware patched with boot selector menu and Lurker's mod.
Google Drive
Rockbox download link:
Rockbox for DX90
Google Drive
Installation Steps.
1. You need to download two sets of zip file
   a. DX90FW_Vx.x.x_patched_*.zip - Ibasso’s DX90 official firmware patched with boot selector menu.
   b. - Main rockbox for DX90 package. Check the links above.   

2. Extract the update.img file from the patched DX90 zip file. Then the “apps” folder from the rockbox zip file.  

3. Copy them over to DX90's internal storage. (Make sure DX90 is set to "Storage" from the USB settings menu in Mango)
4. Disconnect DX90 from USB and go to Settings >> Advanced >> System update and select "OK".
5. Wait until DX90 completes the firmware update.
6. To get the boot selector menu screen, shutdown DX90 (press and hold the power button), turn on (slide up) the hold switch then turn on DX90.
7. Delete the update.img file only from DX90’s internal storage.
8. Enjoy both Mango (Lurker's modded version) and Rockbox on your DX90
This is how the extracted files should look like after extracting the zip files mentioned above to the DX90's internal storage before starting the system update.


Rollback steps:
To rollback to a stock firmware or any modded versions. Follow the same steps above using the "update.img" from the stock firmware release.

****** For those who are new to Rockbox, please download and read the manual below. It will be worth the effort *******
Rockbox Manual

Theme Installation How-To (Courtesy of Cholero)

1. Download any Theme you like from the official Rockbox page as a packed zip:

2. Connect your player to the computer and open the internal memory (usual name: DX50). There should be a folder "rockbox", open it

3. Open the downloaded theme zip file. In the zip file there is a folder named ".rockbox" (yes, with a dot)

4. Open the ".rockbox" folder in your theme-zip and extract all the content to your "rockbox" folder on your player
you're done, now you can select your new theme in Settings -> Theme Settings -> Browse Theme Files

How to use the new boot selector switch.
1. Turn off/shutdown DX90.
2. Put the hold switch to on position. (Slide the switch up to activate hold)
3. Reboot
4. The boot selector screen menu will appear. Choose Mango(DX90’s default player) or Rockbox by touching their icons on the screen. Or you can press the prev (<<) button to select Mango and fwd (>>) button to select Rockbox.
5. Slide down the hold button to turn it off. It will boot to the same OS without asking on next reboot unless the hold button switch is on.

Themes collection compiled by Deho
Rockbox Themes

For best SQ on Rockbox, learn to downsample 24-bit files to 16-bit /44.1Khz redbook format with no loss of fidelity. Check out the opensource tool Sound eXchange (sox)
The sox library is also available in the latest version of XLD. 
List of bugs and issues
****** Refer to the Readme.txt file in the download zip file. *****
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Giving rockbox a run now. Building database, navigating through the touch screen works perfectly. However, you need to tinker on the settings to suit your preferences. (e.g. scroll speed, line padding, etc..)

All the physical buttons work and functions as they should except the prev button. As soon as I get around it, it's good to release :)
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Cool - many thanks. I really enjoyed rockbox on the Dx50 and I have no reason to suppose it won't improve the listening experience on the DX90 :D
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The prev button looks to be more challenging to resolve than I thought. The key code value is the same as the next/fwd button. Meaning, when activated, both buttons do the same function.
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Does gapless work properly in RB, and is there any clipping off the tracks by half a second or so? This is really interesting, and may very well be the one thing that makes the deal for me.
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Gapless is perfect and absolutely no cuts. One of the reason I use RB on DX50. For some reason iBasso can't do something about those 2 issues. Even with DX90, faulty gapless and 1 second cut can be very annoying when you notice it.
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The prev button looks to be more challenging to resolve than I thought. The key code value is the same as the next/fwd button. Meaning, when activated, both buttons do the same function.

Have you tried contacting Ilya directly to ask about that issue? There may be a simple solution that he has already seen.

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