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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. headwhacker
    New build available today
    Google Drive
    07/09/2014 - Fix a bug when automatic backlight off is triggered(time out) and if re-activated by toggling the hold switch off then on. The backlight off timer does not reset and the backlight remains on until you press a button or touchscreen.
           - Changed the default “Save Playlist” folder to /mnt/sdcard.
           - Changed the default “Database scan path” to /mnt/external_sd.
           - New way to quickly go back to WPS screen from a menu/list with a 2-button combination.(Power + Prev Button combo). Press and release the Power button then press the Prev/Rew button. When a music is not playing pressing the button combo will bring the display back to the main menu screen.
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  2. Tamirci
    Thanks really helped!
    Strange because RB on dx90 yields more satisfactory (regarding improvement of SQ) results IMO than RB on dx50 (agressiveness of hp200's treble got tamed instantly)
  3. maciux
    Thanks! Looks like everything is fine. The newest versions are faster than before. Prior to 0.3.0 my DX90 was kinda lazy.
    Button combination needs a little practice, got to be done fast, but works and is useful.
  4. Wishmasterx
    In Rockbox 0.3.6 when backlight off on timeout, touchscreen is not responsive (like sleep). After press any HW button, backlight still off and touch is responsive. This is maybe not bug. I like if touch not respond when backlight off. And I NOT hear any crisp in sound like early release with sleep mode. This is good. Maybe can be touch unresponsive permanently when backlight off without crisps in sound.
  5. headwhacker
    It's not actually a bug. The setting "First Button press enables backlight only" set to no. Meaning it activates all input but not the back light when you first press a button except the power button. 
    If you set the the setting to yes it will turn on the backlight. You can use the hold switch and set the "backlight on hold" setting to "off" to get the behavior you are describing.
  6. iBeyerX90-COP
    Hi ! A big thank you for your work ! Less than 1 week with my dx90, I put your RB's port straight out the box, and it's great (coming from clip+ RB)
  7. napka
    Thank you for your work!
    I see one more thing related to those two: plugin random_folder_advance_config scans folders starting with / and loops somewhere in /sys folder. Now I have to stop scan after few seconds and manually clean folders list. Please fix it to start start with /mnt or /mnt/external_sd.
  8. headwhacker
    Good timing, I just started looking at making more Plugins work than what is currently available.
  9. Samuel777
    Can someone give me the link to get the international modified firmware of Lurker.
    thkx in advance
  10. Samuel777
    i just got it : http://www.head-fi.org/t/697035/ibasso-dx90-dual-sabre-1st-page-latest-fw-download-general-information-instructions
  11. headwhacker

    The rockbox build also include Lurker's mod with the stock FW.
  12. headwhacker
    Just a preview of what will be fixed in the next build.
    1. "Gather Runtime Data" when set to yes in the database setting no longer goes to "PANIC stkov" error screen and crash the Linux Kernel. Runtime statistics are now saved in the database.
    2. random folder advance config will only read the /mnt/external_sd partition. It should generate the folder list quickly and will automatically be loaded when you select "play shuffled"
    3. Couple more plugins are now working.
    4. Some minor enhancements and bug fixes.
  13. cholero
    Wow that is great news! Congrats!
    Please tell me how you solved the gather runtime data problem...
  14. headwhacker
    You just need to increase the audio stack size in apps/audio_thread.c 
    static long audio_stack[(DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0x1000)/sizeoff(long)]; 
    I just doubled it for DX90 (0x2000)
  15. cholero
    Great thanks a lot.
    I will do a proper integration and push it to gerrit.
    For me this is a big step in solving the remaining bugs. Thanks!
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