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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. headwhacker
    I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you mean. I can't imagine exactly what your setup is. But ie800 (I'm assuming it's the sennheiser's) at max volume even on low gain is indeed horrible. Horribly loud. I don't want to find out how it sound like @ max volume on a sensitive phone.
    what exactly is the noise you are hearing? 
  2. goodvibes
    If using with an amp, I'd plug directly into the DX90 to make sure it's the culprit.
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  3. pataouetes
    It sounds like a bottle of coca cola when you open it after you shuttled it several times. Like a shhhhhhhhhh that don't want to stop. It's so loud you could loose your ears.
  4. deho
    Here is the latest (and probably last) version: https://www.sendspace.com/file/igsenr
    I included a lot more themes, fixed a couple of bugs and optimized all themes for "absolute point" touchscreen mode. Read the included readme file for details. Enjoy!
    @headwhacker: Can you please exchange the link from the first post with the new one? Thanks!
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  5. Hawk84r

    Then how about listening on a comfort volume level? I understand that you might want to be sure that it's listenable in case you need it (if you would want to listen to music in front of launching rocket, for example), but if your ears are uncomfortable with that high sound pressure, you REALLY do not need it. And as headwhacker spoted, your pieces are probably made for some low-gain sources as phones and low-end players (means there are sensitive).
  6. headwhacker
    Great, I updated the link in the first page. I like the AAFreak wps theme and it's my permanent wps theme since you shared your compilation. thanks for the update.
  7. deho
    You're welcome. Thanks again for the latest Rockbox build. It's great that 'Gather Runtime Data' is finally working.
    I found two bugs though:
    1) If I try to set the song rating I get the message 'no info', if it's a FLAC file. It works fine with MP3s and M4As.
    2) There is a lag when you try to skip songs with FLAC or other lossless files.
  8. headwhacker

    1. Is this the same for all flacs? or just for some? Could you check by re-encoding a flac file to alac or mp3 and see.

    2. How long is the lag? Does it happen consistently? Meaning everytime you are skipping flacs? I only have alac and don't have those issues.

    When you turn off "Gather runtime data", is there no lag?
  9. all999
    Lag is about 2 seconds, it's on every flac file, both 16 and 24bit. Where is this "Gather runtime data" option, I can't find it?
  10. headwhacker
    It's in General Settings > Database
  11. all999
    I had it off, but it doesn't make any difference. 1/6,7 tracks is strarting immediately.
  12. headwhacker
    I tried this with flac files (converted from alac) but I don't get that message. It may not be a bug, It must have something to do with missing/incorrect tag?
    If you convert your flac to alac and still get that message when you set the rating, then there must be something in the file's tag.
  13. headwhacker
    I tried the previous build (0_3_6) and the behavior is the same. If you look at Shortcuts > view buffering thread while you are playing a playlist of flac or any lossless format. The 2 second delay happens when you skip a track and  the buffer is empty and has to fill it up. When skipping a track Rockbox has to stop the current music playing and clear the buffer and refill it which take time.
    The amount of memory used plays a factor here. In the early builds I used large memory (64MB and 128MB) this makes skipping track for lossless quick for several tracks (because it can load 3 to 5 tracks at a time) but when the buffer is completely empty it takes a longer time to refill it and everything else in rockbox is very slow like file browsing and touchscreen navigation.
    Smaller memory (16mb) makes track skipping faster but at the expense of constant I/O activity (buffering) and CPU is barely idling which makes DX90 warm and take a hit in battery life.
    The current setup @ 32mb is the best compromise I believe. I am not considering the lag a bug. I see around the same lag when skipping tracks on Mango.
  14. headwhacker
    ^ I still have a few more optimization changes I'm currently testing. This could improve the overall performance further and decrease the track skip lag. The build I'm testing now looks like it fixed the lag in the timer when a music playing (i.e. backlight timer takes twice the time to activate).
  15. deho
    Thanks. I haven't noticed it before, since I normally don't skip tracks often.
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