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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. Y2HBK
    I'm still having an issue where Mango shows my album art but rockbox doesn't. I have a small number of MP3 files but most of my library is ALAC and managed via iTunes. 
    I'm guessing I will need to use a 3rd party program of some sort to fix this since iTunes only seems to attach the album art in its own proprietary manner. Any suggestions for what I can use for the quickest solution? I'd prefer not to spend days/weeks fixing it.
    I also want to add that while browsing the web I see multiple sites state that if I use iTunes and do a "Get Info" on a track I can manually upload the artwork that way and it will work. That is actually what I have been doing all along. Its just odd that all the album art shows up fine in mango but not rockbox. 
  2. headwhacker
    I use XLD to fix my tags. But if you are under Windows tools like mp3tag can do batch updates. iTunes do not actually put the album art in the music file.
  3. headwhacker
    New build available for download
    Google Drive
    Change log
    21/09/2014 - Performance tweaks added. Increased rocbox process and io priority to REAL-TIME.
                       - Timers are now much improved. But still lagging a bit especially when audio is playing.
                       - Increase thread priority for audio, codec and buffering threads to minimise chances of interrupting playback. To take advantage of the dual-core cpu, I redistributed threads between 2 cpus.
                       - Changed the default location of saving playlist from the context menu when playing an album from the file browser. The default location was the same folder as the album location. Now it will show the default as /sdcard/Playlists/fileBrowser.m3u8.
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  4. kamson
    New version just flies. There is no lag in scrolling while music is playing!
  5. napka
    Now I do the following: add covers with Yate and put cover.jpg to album folder. I didn't see missing artworks for a long time.
  6. asknet
    HI All
    First this is amazing job !!!
    Big thanks for doing that
    And small question
    is there any work planed related with high resolution file ?
    Cheers Radek
  7. headwhacker
    No not at the moment. I'm working on submitting the DX90 port to the official Rockbox repository. So anyone else who see the need to add native hi res file support can easily access and submit the changes. 
    I am just trying to make all features, plugins work and fix some bugs while I still have time to work on it.
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  8. headwhacker
    lrcplayer complied and able to launch it. But not sure how to test it if it's working. I don't have a lyric file or a track with embedded lyric. Will add this on the next build. 
  9. alexey260
    I really need to Bookmark. In Roskboks0.4.9 they are created but can not be played. Help please

  10. Wishmasterx

    Excelent :) When will be release, I will try it. Lcrplayer supports .lrc, .lrc8, .snc and .txt. Basicaly You can read any .txt file.
  11. headwhacker

    I'll do another build this weekend
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    Awesomez!!! I'd love lyrics support :thumbsup:
  13. headwhacker
    New build ready for download. Please take note of the new install procedure.
    Google Drive
    Change log
    26/09/2014 - Rockbox binaries and related files moved to DX90’s internal storage (/mnt/sdcard). Making it accessible to the user when plugged into a PC/Mac/Linux USB connection. This will keep update files smaller and make future updates simple and doesn’t require factory resets nor reflashing Ibasso’s firmware/image.
           - Busybox added in the package (/sdcard/apps/utils). Useful debugging via adb.
               - Plugins added
    Installation Steps.

    For first-time users or DX90 users using rockbox version prior to 0_6_0.
    1. You need to download two sets of zip file
       a. DX90FW_Vx.x.x_patched_*.zip - Ibasso’s DX90 official firmware patched with boot selector menu.
       b. Rockbox_DX90_y_y_y.zip - Main rockbox for DX90 package.    
    2. Extract the update.img file from the patched DX90 zip file. Then the “apps” folder from the rockbox zip file.  
    3. Copy them over to DX90's internal storage. (Make sure DX90 is set to "Storage" from the USB settings menu in Mango)
    4. Disconnect DX90 from USB and go to Settings >> Advanced >> System update and select "OK".
    5. Wait until DX90 completes the firmware update.
    6. To get the boot selector menu screen, shutdown DX90 (press and hold the power button), turn on (slide up) the hold switch then turn on DX90.
    7. Delete the update.img file only from DX90’s internal storage.
    8. Enjoy both Mango (Lurker's modded version) and Rockbox on your DX90

    For users who are already running version 0_6_0 or later.
    1. You only need to download the Rockbox Zip file.
    2. Boot into Mango. Make sure DX90 is set to "Storage" from the USB settings menu. Extract the “apps” folder and overwrite the existing one in DX90’s internal storage.
    3. Reboot with the hold switch on and select rockbox from the menu.  
  14. headwhacker
    Also @Deho 's Themes compilation are all included in the latest rockbox package. To add new themes you can still do the old method which is by dropping them in the rockbox folder.
    The new method is to drop themes in apps/app_rockbox/rockbox.
  15. napka
    Is there a real reason for all those subfolders instead of /rockbox instead of /app_rockbox/rockbox and /bin instead of /app_rockbox/bin folders? It may be hard to explain for new users, for example all docs and rockbox wiki refer to /.rockbox.
    It's not the last version btw :)
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