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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    headwhacker: Thanks for the suggestions. Will try.
  2. brinker7
    Had a rather strange experience with my DX90 the other day (on build 0.1.7). Had just turned it on, and started some music - all seemed as normal. However, about a minute in, it just turned off - all by itself, no warning. When I rebooted it, it had reverted the settings in RB, but would still continue to play from where it had turned off. Battery was ~88%.
    And on a note of the 0.1.8 build - the battery indicator seems more accurate. It dropped from 82% to 56% after the update.
  3. headwhacker
    The next build should completely fix the settings reverting to default after a reboot. I have never had my settings reverted to default yet since the latest fix I implemented on my DX90. Will release it soon I'm finished with other changes I plan on implementing.
    Yes the battery indicator should be more usable now since 0_1_8.
  4. headwhacker
    New build now available for download
    Change log
    23/08/2014 - Further enhancement to prevent settings from reverting to default when rebooting to Rockbox.
                       - Fixed the issue where Album art disappears in WPS screen while music is still play. (Bug appeared on 0_1_7)
                       - Changed the behaviour of the hold button. If the screen is off and hold button is on/activated, switching the hold button off will turn on the screen.
                       - Increased the thread priority for playback and buffering. This allows rockbox to use larger memory without the crackling noise.
  5. brinker7
    Man, I feel like I'm updating my DX90 all the time! Can't wait to test out 0.2.2 :)
    Guys, if I turn on the player, connected via USB, it hangs after a few seconds. It this normal?
  7. pegasus21
    That was something new put in just 3 or so releases back. I'm guessing it's to limit issues if you change content on the sdcard while playing music
  8. headwhacker
    It's should not hang if it does just shut it down by pressing and holding the power button until it reboots again.
  9. Kaffeemann
    Amazing work headwhacker, really appreciate it.
    One suggestion: The display should immediately turn off if you use the hold button. Sometimes the display stays on until button is pressed.
  10. headwhacker
    There will be WPS action that responds to switching hold button on. Like in Centre Art, it will display the playlist instead of the Album art. Other themes may have a different action.
    Better use the backlight settings to turn off backlight when idle for a length of time specified. I set mine to 5 seconds. When I switch the hold button on before I put DX90 in my pocket I know the backlight will turn off shortly.
  11. cholero
    This can be fixed (i did it for DX50). I'll write to headwhacker how
  12. headwhacker
    It can be changed to immediately turn off the screen. But, like I said switching the hold button on has another function depending on which theme you are using. It can display information on-screen that is different when the hold button is off. For example, when turning the hold button on the Album art displayed can be changed to playlist display which I find useful.
    I don't want to take away that option where by simply setting the backlight timeout you can still have the screen turn of after a few seconds.
  13. cholero
    The DX90 & DX50 hold switch behavior is wrong until now, I recommend you to include the fix I've sent you.
    What you are saying about the theme and so I'm completely aware of. But that is why there are options in the settings: Settings/General Settings/Display/LCD Settings/Backlight on Hold
    It can be set to Normal, On and Off.
    Off is default.
  14. Grado77
    I just installed RB on my DX90........wow!
    I haven't used RB since my Cowon D2+ days long ago.
    I am forever amazed at you fellows who dig into the guts of these machines to extract every ounce of performance. Out-effing-standing!!!!
    Lurker mod + headwhacker RB all in one package ...... who da thunk?
    Thank you!
  15. headwhacker

    Ah I see what you mean now. Should not be difficult to implement.
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