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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. 250lbs
    Ordered the Xe800 as well on aliexpress. hope the build quality will be good. Price is very good ....
    What won me over was the percieved SQ like the GR07 for a lower price. Not really a apple fanboy so not that keen on the white colour, hope the sound quality willwin me over ....
  2. azkaban3000
     how it's compatible with iPhone? I'm planning to get a pair to replace my KZ ATES, which have a terrible mic and control support for iOS
  3. loomisjohnson
    a couple of observations concerning the virtual-giveaway pricing of the xe800:
    1. truth be told, while they certainly sound like a $100 iem, they don't necessarily look the part--they're mainly plastic, without fancy cables or acoutrements other than the moveable nozzle, albeit nicely put together.
    2. vivo, to my surprise, has become a huge mobile phone player--they sell more phones in china than apple. i assume they're now able to scale their iem manufacturing to deliver such a high quality iem at a cheap cost, much like xiaomi and lg have done with their iems.
  4. roy_jones
    Would love to get your thoughts on the Tennmak Pro vs. the Vivo ex800 if you get the chance. 
    Would love to get your thoughts on the Tennmak Pro vs. the Vivo ex800 if you get the chance. 
  5. loomisjohnson
    if i had to pick one, i'd take the xe800, altho others could very credibly pick the pro. in large part this is because i prefer the brighter, more vivid signature of the xe800 to the warmer, smoother signature of the pro. i also opine that the xe800 has a level of high end resolution that really does compete with  hybrids up to $300--drums, female vox and reeds are eerily natural; fantastic with jazz. the pros do have substantially more low end presence, esp. in the midbass, as well as a larger soundstage with very good instrument presence and separation--they're bigger and bolder sounding if that is your thing, tho also very refined and well-tuned--a bit north of neutral. if i had to nitpick i thought the low end on the pros tended to wobble and bleed over a bit and that the midbass on the vivo could use more texture. ultimately it's comes down to your own tastes--it's steak to sushi
  6. jatergb
    I ordered these last week.Tracking number is not activated yet but reading these reports makes me even more excited that I may have purchased my next fav budget gem. I currently use PURO IEM 500 and one other IEM whose recent iteration has been banned. Anyway, I hope, I find these at-least slightly different if not better than my current pairs. Btw, I ordered the 18$ one which one other forum-member confirmed is real deal. At-least as real as Ripilac ones. Fingers crossed! :)
  7. Alex CY
    Real, real :) do not worry

  8. jatergb
     Thank you! :)
  9. rikk009
    Going for $18 now...

    Aliexpress+Head-fi is injurious to wallet. :p
  10. Majin
    I'm probably going to buy the XE800 over the Senfer 4in1, since i prefer a more midforward - balanced sound. But it's crazy that these days there are so many $20 IEMs can perform like $100 from 1-2 years ago. I wonder if todays $100 IEMs can match $400-500 IEMS from way back. Very curious if they will outperform my old UE TF10.
  11. nhlean96
    In fact it's a $99 IEMs if you buy retail package. I have no idea where they could get the bulk package so cheap but it's authentic not fake and sounds just like the retail version
  12. jatergb
    Cross-posting from the Chines thread. 
    @ALL XE800 owners, I just received mine today and I noticed that the right channel sounded slightly louder than the left. After changing the ear tips, left felt louder. I was completely shocked. I don't see any obvious blockage in the eartips bore. That aside, when I tried to get a proper seal at 2nd session, I pushed the nozzle all the way out. This did seem to muffle the sound. The bore opening seemed to be blocked by walls of my ear. I was disappointed for a second wondering if I have to go through the hassle of waiting for another pair. I had to twist the nozzle inwards a little bit to find the sweet-spot. Also, it sounds excellent when the 2 bass ports are not in contact with your skin on of your ear. (owners know what I mean :)). Interesting! I have to see if this issue is mitigated by wearing it over the ears.  If I move the housing away a little bit, sounds seems to come alive. Here I do find that the tiny holes on the inside of the housings are not clearly drilled. Looks like some of the plastic is still stuck/intact affecting the sound. As exciting as the articulating nozzle is, it sounds like a night-mare to get the right fit without affecting the sound. I will try them tomorrow again with Spinfits and see if they help. Also, I feel they are better-suited for over the wear than regular wear. But the cable didn't stay put around my ear in a moving cab. I will try with some ear loops tomorrow. Damn! I will make them much uglier but using black ear-loops vs white ones. Did anyone see white/frosted ones?
    Isolation was good with large tips.
    Sound was very nice and I do miss the huge stage of IEM 500 and sub-bass coming from the 1st iteration of the unmentionable IEM. However, I have a feeling, I'll warm up to this SS with time. I'm not yet sure if this is a upgrade or side-grade to the 2 pairs I mentioned above. (if anybody knows of a relatively cheap decent step-up to IEM 500, please recommend). 
    They are almost tiny and very comfortable once you get the right fit. I just hope the cable doesn't give in too soon. I will see if I can get transparent shrink tube and reinforce it a little but.
    All in all, seems to be a DAMN good value @ 18 USD.
    I felt treble was little harsh. As much as I hate to admit, I seem to fall in to the category of ppl who just want smooth and musical presentation. Any EQ peaks that need to be tamed to make the treble much less shrill?
    P.S: After trying all the IEMs I have so far, I'm more inclined towards choosing an IEM for its durability, Isolation and comfort apart from SQ and bang-for-buck factor. Maybe I will even spend a little bit of premium for that lost in music feeling I get when I forget I'm wearing them. Obviously that means, no cable noise and has to be light-weight too! Too many factors to consider when buying. :) 
  13. waveriderhawaii
    Insane. Gonna up that wallet and buy some for two of my nieces and one nephew. Already own a pair and bought one for another nephew. So now I will have bought 5.
  14. waveriderhawaii
    I bought from this vendor previously which are still $29.90. I think a few months ago they dropped them to $26.XX.
    The $18.00 vendor is different. Can anyone vouch these are real? The pictures they post look real.
  15. yoowan

    I've ordered these a few weeks back at this price. They should be here any moment now. I'll compare with GR07 to see if they're comparable as they share same internals and SS and post my findings asap.
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