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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. bhazard
    I remember bullet shaped black Vsonic tips worked best at the time. Spiral dot may work.
  2. loomisjohnson

    as you suggested i did change tips and (like you guys said) a smaller bore does have the effect of smoothing out the treble, albeit at the expense of a tiny bit of micro-detail.
    what i will say is that to my ears these are the reigning giant killers--i.e. the best-performing, most expensive-sounding phone you can get for the least money. alot of the $20-30 iems that get hyped on the various forums in truth sound like they could be $40-50 iems, whereas these really do compete in the $100+ range. again, fans of neutrality won't like these, but i rank them on a par with the mm tk12 and trinity delta at the top of my list.
    bhazard likes this.
  3. thugangel123
    ^Just ordered one coz I miss my almost broken gr07 and the reactions you posted seem like this should be right up my alley.

    Also on a side note how did you get it so quick? Did you go for paid shipping?
  4. bhazard
    Keep in mind these sound different than any GR07. They have a tuning of their own, but have similarities of both the GR07 and some of the BE.
  5. Turkleton
    Does anybody here have both the XE800 and the LZ A2S?

    I'm currently trying to decide between the two.

    I'm kinda looking for a warmer, easier to drive version of the havi b3 pros.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. loomisjohnson

    i recently got both--i posted my impressions on the xe800 on this thread and of the a2s on the a2s impressions thread. they have very different sound signatures, with the a2s being far warmer/smoother with less energetic, more reserved presentation, while the xe800 are very forward, crisp/bright, with very sharply etched treble. i love the xe800, but it sounds like you might prefer the warmth of the a2s.
  7. bhazard
    I think you'll like the a2s and its bass coming from the Havi.
  8. Turkleton
    Thanks for the input guys, you've been a great help!
  9. thugangel123

    As long as they tick the right boxes for me :p

    Also are they easy to sleep on with? Design looks comfy.
  10. Pastapipo
    Got the Dragonfly Black yesterday which is a bit smoother and warmer than the Dragonfly 1.0.
    While I stated I didn't particularity like the combination of the Dragonfly 1.0 and XE800 in my review, I have to say the Dragonfly black has an amazing synergy with the XE800. It actually drives the bass to a level it needed to be while maintaining control and the sibilance on top is edged out. The balance, detail and layering are absurd from a $26 headphone. I would wholeheartedly recommend this combination to everyone.
    bhazard likes this.
  11. bhazard
    It's really a $99 earphone being sold at $26. It was a good buy at $99 and a must have at $26 if you haven't owned any GR07 series type sets yet.
  12. Pastapipo
    Exactly, thank you again for your discovery! [​IMG]
  13. loomisjohnson

    i've spent more time with the xe800--they remain at the top of my list. whether due to burn-in, switching to smaller tips or placebo, the sound has changed somewhat since i posted my initial impressions two weeks ago--specifically, the treble has smoothed out and become a tad less bright/sharp while bass has slightly recessed--as previously stated, these are not bass cannons. imaging, clarity and overall cherence remain superb.
  14. Pastapipo
    I though it was due to my change in DAC. [​IMG]
    Anyway I'm glad we are both hearing it. [​IMG]
  15. harpo1
    Bought a pair of these and the right channel didn't work.  Seller wants me to return them.  Not worth the cost to ship back to China.  Too bad to because I loved the fit.  Glad I only spent $29 but I think I'm done ordering from China.  Two out of three orders so far I received defective IEM's.
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