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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. MuZo2
    What size are DD drivers and how they compare to IE8 in bass quantity? Also as they have bass port how is the isolation?
  2. piotrus-g
    I have the same feeling. Bass is getting stronger and stronger.
    BTW. Merlin doesn't have the biggest quantity of bass (which is good) but the definition and ability to change with a track is outstanding. With pop/rap/electronica songs bass is hitting really low notes but only when it's called for.
    Edit: I received reply from Stephen. There's no clamshell for new orders.
  3. piotrus-g
    Isolation is good. IMHO better than any universal DD or most of universal BA iems
    After few hours bass quantity is less than IE8
  4. wahu
    Yeh thats how i feel too. The bass doesn't overpower anything but has a great presence. Versatile too. Sounds great with everything i've thrown at it. It's funny that i didn't notice the bass so much on first listen and they sounded so similar to my se535s but the bass is definitely there now. It's a different kind of bass and perhaps more realistic than ba bass.. At least i've read others describing the bass that way and i can kinda see where they are coming from. The deep thud of the impact has a kind of emotional heartbeat quality to it.
    Odd that Stephen said that.. I got the clamshell with mine. Believe me you aren't missing out on anything. Pretty poor excuse for a case for such an expensive iem. I have a pelican 1015 ill be using instead.
  5. Sorensiim
    If you guys want to try something fun (electro) for your Merlins, get a hold of the track "Chameleon" by Trentemøller... [​IMG]
    Trust me, it's quite the experience. Lots and lots of layers on top of a constantly changing deeeep bassline.
  6. project86 Contributor
    I never got a portable case with mine either. So they definitely weren't including them in the beginning. They must have started including them for a while and now stopped again.

    Best cheap solution I have found is a case logic brand GPS case. Found it at Target for $5 or so, and it has a nice semi-hard shell without being all Otterbox/Pelican hard plastic. Just enough room for customs, cable, and a Sansa Clip.
  7. Mython Contributor
    To borrow a quote from Meatloaf, "you took the words right out of my mouth!"
    I totally agree; the clamshell case that UM were sending out is really lame, and if they've stopped supplying it then it's the right decision, because it really screamed 'cheap'.
    The IEMs, on the other hand, are great, and pretty decent value in the world of CIEMs.
    I have to admit, although I'm not a UE fan, I really do like my UE aluminium hard case (a silver version of the gun-metal-gray case that comes with the TF-10s).
  8. piotrus-g
    I was pretty happy with oblong case I got for my first UM IEM. It didn't look as flashy as red one which UM used (or still) add to Merlin. All right guys... I really don't want to whine about some cheap detail. If any one need case they are sold for $2 shipped w/w on ebay.
    [Edit] Have you tried reverse polarization? Sound is slighlty different. Less mids and more midbass for me.
    [Edit2] Photo:
    _MG_3267.jpg _MG_3268.jpg

    I'll post photo on UM's facebook after I finish my silver cable
  9. Personnel Jezuz
    They look good enough to EAT! Good to hear you're enjoying em!
  10. mc21
    I was pretty set on a pair of Miracle or Merlin but after reading through this entire thread, I'm somewhat apprehensive of doing so. The long wait and what seems to be a decent chance of having something messed up on my CIEM is making me want to consider other options. Maybe I'll go back to universals...
  11. thanatoscharun
    Seems most people have problems through the UK distributor. If you are in US I would say go for it through customiem.com Steven is awesome. Mine came in 4 weeks after sending impressions in and the fit was just fine. 
    mc21 likes this.
  12. mc21
    Oh yea, I forgot Solem kept saying Amp City and UM UK etc etc. Looks like I'll pull the trigger. Just need to decide between the miracle and merlin now. dun dun dun...
  13. Mython Contributor
    ...in which case....the million $ question is:
    what kind of sound-signature do you like?  [​IMG]
  14. Personnel Jezuz
    My personal experience with Amp City and custom iem has been night and day! Amp City just can't keep up with the orders, and they forget to reply..OFTEN!
    Stay clear from Amp City for now, until they get their act together
  15. discombobulation

    Four bass heavy tracks that push the limit of my W4...would really appreciate any impressions of the sub-bass impact with the Merlins on these tracks! The last track in particular has soundstage and sub-bass emphasis.
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