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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. thanatoscharun
    After having my Merlins for about 2 weeks here's one thing I noticed regarding isolation. When not listening to music, overall the isolation is pretty decent. That said, low end frequencies tend to be penetrate more than others. Other than that, when listening to music there seems to be no problems.
  2. tonyjin
    Could a representative from UM Global contact me?
    It's been over 5 weeks since my 4 week estimate, over 6 weeks since I returned them for defective drivers, and 5 months since I originally placed the order (received them initially in January, had to return because they had major fit issues, received the refits in March to find the left drivers were faulty).
    It's also been 8 days since I've heard from a UM representative via email, would really appreciate an update on this. My order was UMG0099.
  3. wahu
    My merlins just arrived completely unannounced! Only took 4 weeks from when i sent off the impressions! Much better service than I expected after reading all the reports of long waits. I took my time opening the box as I'd almost convinced myself that they wouldn't fit properly... Perfect fit. Build quality looks great too.  
    The general consensus is that they need a little burn in yeh? Still they sound pretty good to me already.  They don't sound like a great departure in sound signature from my se535s actually but the bass feels quite different. The se535s have a cleaner feeling to the bass with maybe a little more punch but the bass hangs back in the background more. I haven't noticed any differences with soundstage and separation and all that stuff people are always discussing.  Soundstage is the same as my se535 and extends in a sphere a few inches wider than my head.  Both have a kind of 3d feel to them. Isolation is almost indistinguishable from my se535 too.
    These are my first customs and i love the way they sort of pop into place in my ears. 
    Update.. Going back and forth between my two iems with some unexpected results.  I know the merlins are marketed as a bass oriented iem but so far it's strength to me seems to be its mids and treble.  There is notable increase in clarity and resolution there over the se535s. The bass is there of course and feels more full and lush than the shures but it's not necessarily the star of the show. I remember when i first tried ba iems and while they sounded great i felt they were missing something over my other friends b&o. I'm not well versed enough to describe the difference but I'm putting it down to ba vs dd... Anyway the merlin is a step back toward the direction of other dd iems i've tried regarding that certain "je ne sais quoi".  I think what the melins lack in clarity in the bass is made up for in the warmer full bodied feeling they deliver. Overall they sound better than the se535(i'd never have expected to say that). 
    Update 2. Movies sound ridiculous on the merlins.  In a good way.
  4. Sorensiim
    I had the exact same impression as you - The Merlins aren't bassmonsters: They're bloody excellent iems that just happen to have great bass as well as superb midrange and treble.
    Mine should be shipped back to me today... Man I hope they do, that the fit is right and all drivers are firing this time. I was not as lucky as you with the turnaround time, to put it mildly.
  5. piotrus-g
    Mine should arrive today I'm so excited :D
  6. Staal
    Looking forward to your thoughts piotrus-g
  7. piotrus-g
    i'll report asap
  8. wahu
    I hope you get them and all is well. I didn't get the opportunity to get excited cuz i didn't even know they were coming.. I feel like i missed out on part of the experience lol..  Still I am sooo glad they fit AND I really like them. It's a bit of a stab in the dark with customs. 
  9. piotrus-g
    Got them!
    Fit is good I wanted musican fit. Shell material seems a bit different from my previous UM IEMs. I opted for slightly brighter colour of shell but I'm still ok with what I received
    First of all these are really mid-centric earphones. Vocals and guitars are up front which gives concert-like type of performance.
    Extreme soundstage! Man I didn't expect that.
    I'm listening from SGS@Voodoo sound now and feel that SGS doesn't cope well with low impadance of Merlin which results in bass roll-off. Will give some detailed review after getting use to sound
  10. Staal
    Sounds interesting. Don't forget to post pictures!
  11. shamrock134
    I think the Merlins are my fave out of all my headphone collection.
  12. piotrus-g
    guys, shouldn't Merlin come with portable carrying case?
  13. shamrock134
    Yes, mine came with a small UM clamshell case.
  14. piotrus-g
    Nvm I won't split hairs over $2 case
  15. wahu
    Ok after a few hours of use merlins have opened up a lot. The bass is really hard to ignore now. Big heavy deep hits of bass. These things are ridiculous.
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