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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. wahu
    No noise for me when I push them in.  I get a little noise when I move my jaw left to right but not when I open and close my mouth. I'm lucky I don't chew cud..
  2. shamrock134
    Driver flex happens, it isn't anything to worry about.
  3. piotrus-g
    I've got the same clicking nosie only in left ear and only when taking out earpiece, but it's def not driver... sound's similar to poor quality universal eartips
  4. wahu
    Yeh that clicking noise i get if i'm trying to take them out. It's the same noise i get from silicon universal tips. I think it's just the sound of the seal breaking. I'm assuming if you can hear this sound then it proves you've got a good seal?
  5. MuZo2
    Is it the flex sound you get from dynamic Neodymium Driver?
  6. UniqueMelodyAus
    Driver flex.
    And no, it shouldn't reduce the life of your Merlins.
  7. wahu
    Are there 2 different kinds of drivers used in merlins? I mean some pics show the dd has lots of little holes on the back and some don't have the holes.. Like sorensiim's and shamrock134's earlier in this thread don't have the holes same as mine but all the other pics i've seen including the example on um global's website have the little holes.  WHAT DO THEY DO!? 
  8. Sorensiim
    Sound: Check!
    Fit: Check!
    Artwork: Check!
    Clamshell case: Check!
    Display case: Absent
    Cleaning tool: Absent
    They arrived this afternoon in the clamshell case in an un-padded FedEx envelope...
  9. wahu
    That must be such a relief. Congrats.
    I'm no fan of the clamshell case but it's probably better than the display case. There is something about the display case that doesn't gel with um's website and marketing pamphlets etc. It's like they have this modern and youthful corporate image emerging from some crooked red cardboardy weird box thing.
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    Finally @soren!! Glad it's (back) in your hands again! Hope you enjoy them with your DX100. That's my standard walk-a-bout portable setup now.
  11. Lidster
    What a relief for you - glad the fit and sound is spot on this time.  Lucky they weren't damaged in transit tho - bit careless of UM? Any chance of a close up photo of the artwork [​IMG]
  12. piotrus-g
    Man! That's great news!
    Checked all fedex bags - no clamshell.
  13. Sorensiim
    Yeah it's great to finally have them - and all drivers are firing this time!
    Now to give them a serious spin from my DX100, the initial tests are VERY positive!
  14. Staal
    You're welcome to swing by at any time to have a listen at the TWag V2 and Hybrid cables.. As long as you bring that DX100 [​IMG]
  15. Sorensiim
    Ready to sell those HD25-1 II then? [​IMG]
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