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[REVIEW] HifiMan RE400 ‘Waterline’ – The New Reference

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  1. gelocks
    It seems it does.
    The cables are just too fragile (at least I find them fragile!)
    If you check amazon reviews, there are at least 3 or 4 reviews (including mine :wink:) that talks about reliability:
  2. dnullify
    huh. darn.
    That's why i was asking, i tend to be cautious when reading amazon reviews as it seems that people generally write reviews only when they have an awful experience or a fantastic one.
  3. Carlsan
    Agreed, you would think they could have charged an extra $20 and given us better cables/connections on the RE-400.
  4. lwien
    Guys, just because there have been a few complaints regarding the cables does not automatically mean that the RE-400's are problematic.
    I haven't had any issues with mine and I am sure that there are many others who haven't had any issues as well.
    Considering this, as well as how fast HifiMan stands behind their product and will send you a brand new pair if the one you own breaks, I really don't see this as much of an issue.
  5. ericp10
    Was using the large double-flanges, which gave me good bass, but now I have put my large transparent silicons on the the RE-400 (more balanced sound), and put put the large double-flanges on my H-200.
  6. lwien
    I'm using the large double-flanges as well, but I just ordered some TS-400's.     I tried the T-400's, but they attenuated the top end too much, and that's the last thing the RE-400's need.    The only reason I ordered the TS-400's is that while the large double flanges work, they feel a tad to large for my ear canals.    Just hopin' that the TS-400's don't alter the sound sig.
  7. Origin89
    There's nothing wrong with the cable or the durability of the RE-400. The guys with complaints must be going into battle with these things because I don't know what they're talking about for daily usage. They're just as durable as every other earphone I've had. People will ALWAYS find something to complain about. It's ridiculous. 
    By the way, I use these to work in the yard and cut grass... and they hold up just fine. 
  8. quartertone
    My RE-400 and TDK IE800 did a swap: the small HIfiman double flanges for the IE800, the medium TDK singles for the RE.
  9. dnullify

    Yeah, that's why i asked. I know there are manufacturing outliers out there and that amazon reviews will be polarized since the typical satisfied customer won't write their experience.
    so long as the customer service is easy and quick i wouldn't mind taking the risk of my brother getting an outlier. However if there's a design flaw or weakness i wouldn't feel comfortable gifting them to my younger brother.
    has anyone compared the re-400 to the carbo basso?
  10. ericp10
    I have settled thus far on the dark grey Monster foam hybrid. This gives just right amount of extra umph on the sub-bass without any effect on the mids and treble to my liking. The RE-400 is a stunner with horns and piano (like a little less than the RE-262, but it puts me in that frame of reference). But definitely more bass than the RE-262, which is a winner in my book. I'm going to take a chance believer they will last awhile, and I will dub it my "jazz audiophile" earphone. To me it is perfect for jazz. Miles Davis in lossless sounds stunning already, and I haven't even given it a good burn-in (yes, I believe in burn-in).
    Now, I love these way more than I thought I would and quicker too, but technically - to my ears - the H-200 is superior overall. I just think the H-200 gives a wider soundstage, better clarity and transparency. The bass and treble (surprisingly) are more to my liking in the H-200, but I the RE-400 has already won by a slight bit in the mids. But overall sound is more capable with the H-200. And while I think the H-200 easily competes with some $350 earphones, I think the RE-400 easily competes with some $200-$250 earphones. Thank you to FlySweep and clieOS for leading me down this road.  I can say now, however, that I have no interest in the RE-600.
  11. ericp10
    Okay the best tips so far to really open up the whole sound spectrum is the Phonak greys. The Monster foam hybrid is a close second (Monster giving more bass but taking away bit of treble). The Phonak gives some good solid bass while letting the mids and treble breathe more.
  12. lwien
    So I've had my 400's now for 14 days.   Been playing them for about an hour every day.   I have no idea if burn-in of the earphones is valid or burn-in of the brain is valid.   All I can do is relate my experience and it seems that about other day, they seem to be getting better and better, and now, on day 14, as compared to when I first got them, the difference is DEFINITELY audible.    The main differences are in transparency and timbre, especially noticeable on female vocals.   The mid-range just seems to have opened up more revealing textures and nuances that I've never heard before, which all just has me wondering what in the hell these are going to sound like in another month or two.   
    Really enjoying these as they just seem to keep improving with age, and they're still babies.  :wink:
  13. ericp10
    Finally threw on the large green Auvio tips, and WOW!! Did these tips ever open up the RE-400 sound! Fantastic! Beats the Monster hands down, and the Phonak (but the Phonak is close).
  14. lwien

    These from Radio Shack? 
    I have the Comply TS-400's due in in a few days.    Tried both the T-400's and the Sony Hybrids and I didn't like the way they changed the sound sig.   Hope the TS-400's work.   If not, I'm off to Rat Shack to get some of those pictured above.    The stock large bi's work for me but their a bitch to get in.   Just a tad too big.
  15. ericp10
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