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[REVIEW] HifiMan RE400 ‘Waterline’ – The New Reference

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  1. raisedbywolves

    the stock smalls. couldn't get the stems on. did eventually get them on and i guess my canals are too big/shallow for me to get any sort of seal. but i put on some green core hybrids. not really sure if this is a big improvement over the light blue cores i usually use. i'm getting less of a seal and i'm not sure what differences i hear overall so far.
  2. raisedbywolves

    can't find my orange or red cores, but they never fit me anyway. the oranges are way too small and my ear canals aren't deep enough to jam them in there, same with the red. green is the smallest i can go for a deep seal.
  3. lwien
    Does anyone know if the Shure Olives will fit the 400's?
  4. Origin89
    These tip concerns are surprising. They fit me perfectly right out of the box with the double flange that was on it. Some of the easiest fitting and comfortable IEMs I've used. 
  5. Tympan
    When comparing new Re-400 with fully burned in Re-272, my initial impression was that although the 400 were more liquid and smooth sounding overall, they were also a tad edgy in the upper frequencies (rim shots a bit edgy/snappy). Simply put, the 400 sounded brighter to me than the 272.
    Within 3 weeks, the Re-400 upper frequencies have lost all trace of edginess and smoothed out so nicely that the 272 now sound like the slightly brighter IEM to me! 
    Some may attribute this to people's brain adjusting to a new sound signature, I believe it to some extent... but this experience tells me "burn in happens".
    Regardless, I have no doubt the Re-400 will positively surprise you and grow on you over time. If not, resell them and you'll have lost about $20, no biggy compared to folks who spend big bucks on custom IEMs  and decide they don't like them that much after all [​IMG]
  6. Origin89
    I get it, but I have some pretty average ears and these things fit like a charm. Plus they've stated that they have put a bunch of research into making these things comfortable, so this issue is surprising. 
  7. lwien
    Yeah, I just some 400's this afternoon.   Couldn't get any of the supplied tips to work.   The small bi-flanges were just too small and the big ones fit in one ear but not the other.   Oredered some Sony Hybrids and Complys to try but then I started fooling around with the big bi's for a bit and found, for some odd reason that I was able to get a good fit if I went over-the-ear rather than straight down.   I have no idea why, but it worked, but man.........................these are soooooooo nice.  
    When one is used to listening to something that's really colored, especially if you're used to listening to something that has a lot of mid-bass boost, it's really easy to come to the 400's and say that they are bass shy.    But if you listen to these for a few hours, you begin to realize that these are really not bass shy at all and then you begin to notice things in songs that you've heard a bazillion times, but never heard before.   Textures in vocals, and textures on bass guitars.   Textures on a snare.    Individual bass notes that were just smeared before.  It's like a whole new world.   I think I'm in love.  [​IMG]
    I'm a total newb to IEM's though.  I've been an audiophile for a very long time though, but not so in the portable game........just to put what I said above in perspective.
  8. ericp10
    I bought the RE-400 because I read it was a cross between the Re262 and GR-07. Is that accurate? I also heard it had more bass than the Re-262. I really loved the mids of the Re-262. The lack of bass was tolerable, but the fit wasn't good and I wanted a bit more bass. If I loved the Re-262, will I love the RE-400? Thanks again for your input fellas. Oh, I should have them Tuesday but wanted to know what to expect.
  9. Poimandres
    I am also curious about these, hopefully they do not suffer from the infamous build quality issues of the RE0's. Currently I am torn between these and the Brainwavz B2 as I am looking to drop around 100 give or take.
  10. Oof Oink

    ericp10, if you can wait until Tuesday (which is when I'll be receiving mine as well), I'll have an answer. I still own both the RE-262 and RE-272 (with no intention of getting rid of the latter, unless the RE-400 convinces me otherwise), so I'll let you know where the RE-400 stands in comparison to the RE-262. I no longer own the GR07, however, so I can't make any comments there.
  11. Nulliverse

    No, it doesn't sound like a cross between the Re-262 and Gr-07, but yes, you will like it. It sounds definitively Hifiman i.e. a little bit of many of their previous phones, rolled into one.

    It's a jack of all trades with no weaknesses and is very well balanced. It's the most bass capable RE thus far (excluding Re-600) and to my ears, the most dynamic. Soundstage is narrower than the 272 and 262, but depth is at least as good, giving near perfect proportions.

    Too soon to say whether I prefer it over the 272, but it's certainly possible, if not probable. Seems to perform at a similar level, for half the price, with a more pleasing overall signature.
  12. ericp10
    So I got the RE-400 in today. With only 30 minutes of listening, I think I can fairly say these earphones are at $100 a king among that price range as the H-200 is a king among the $200-$350 price range universals. And I can only imagine what burn-in is going to do for these refined neutral tiny monsters. Excellent sound. I just hope the build quality holds up. They look solid enough but a few have had problems. We'll see. Easily hits above $200 at a $100 MSRP.
  13. Zelda
    which tips you'r using? these re400 are very sensitive to tips used
  14. gelocks
    The left side of mine stopped working in less than a month and I baby all my equipment and actually didn't used them as much... :frowning2:
    BUT, HiFiMAN just told me to send them in to them and they actually sent a new one back! So, great service from them.
    (haven't taken them out yet to test again though...)
  15. dnullify
    do these have that serious a durability issue? i was thinking about picking up a pair as a birthday present for my younger brother as he's got a very eclectic taste in music. He listens to genres like jazz, rock, and EDM.
    the problem is he listens to music  A LOT and isn't gentle on his belongings.
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