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Sep 19, 2019 at 5:26 PM
Apr 5, 2013
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Composer & translator

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1000+ Head-Fier

quartertone was last seen:
Sep 19, 2019 at 5:26 PM
  • About

    Composer & translator
    Headphone Inventory:

    Aurisonics Rockets
    Brainwavz B400
    Dunu DN-2000J
    Etymotic HF5
    Final Audio E4000
    Final Audio E5000
    JVC FX850
    Sony MH1C
    TDK IE800
    T-PEOS H-200
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore


    Astrotec AM-800
    Audio-Technica CKN50
    Audio-Technica CKM500 (sold)
    Audio-Technica CKN70 (sold)
    Audio-Technica CKS1000 (sold)
    Audio-Technica IM50 (sold)
    Brainwavz M4 (sold)
    Brainwavz R1 (sold)
    Brainwavz M2
    Brainwavz R3
    Dunu DN-1000 (sold)
    Final Audio Design Heaven IV (sold)
    Fischer Audio Eterna (sold)
    Fischer Audio Consonance
    Fischer Audio DBA-02 MK II
    Fischer Audio Silver Bullet
    Flare Audio R2A
    Green House GH-ERC-MBK
    Hifiman RE-300a
    Hifiman RE-400 (traded)
    Hisoundaudio Crystal
    JVC FXT90
    JVC FX500
    JVC FXD70 (sold)
    JVC FXZ100 (sold)
    Klipsch S4 (returned)
    Klipsch X10
    Somic EFi-82MT (full-size)
    LG Quadbeat 2 (broken)
    MEelectronics A151 (sold)
    MEelectronics M6 (sold)
    MEelectronics A161P
    MEelectronics CC51
    MEelectronics M-Duo
    Monster Gratitude (sold)
    Philips Fidelio S1
    Phonak Audéo PFE112
    Sennheiser CX550 (given away, then broken)
    Soundmagic PL30
    Soundmagic E10
    Steelseries Flux In-Ear (broken)
    Sunrise Audio Xcape Impressive Edition
    Sunrise Audio Xcited
    Ultimate Ears UE700
    VSONIC GR06 (sold)
    VSONIC VC02 (sold)
    Xears Revolution XR120PROII
    Xears XE200PRO
    Xiaomi Pistons 2
    Yamaha EPH-100 (sold)
    Zero Audio Carbo Basso (sold)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E11 (sold)
    C&C BH
    Source Inventory:
    Fiio X1
    Fiio X3 (sold)
    Colorfly C3 (sold)
    Sansa Fuze
    Sansa Clip Zip
    Samsung Galaxy A3
    Philips GoGear Vibe
    Sony NWZ-E4365
    Sony Discman
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