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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. redrol
    I see quite a few people own LG v20/30/40 G7 phones and the ES100. I have the G7. Can any give their opinions about the ES100 vs LGs sound?
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  2. monsieurfromag3
    The V30 is tuned for clarity, and especially brilliant in the higher registers; it’s quite “sparkly” as they say - although the bass is great too and hits incredibly hard with my IMR R1. It’s not a fatiguing sound but quite forward. The ES100 rather goes for smoothness, it’s not as impressive technically but still unbelievable for the size and price, and more relaxed.
  3. skeptical
    i have v30 . The sound out of es100 (Ldac 990kbits) is like 90% compare with quad dac of v30 in aux mode . You lose on stage and resolution on highs 10% but you gain on bass impact, sound volume altogether . There is no need any more to bother with triggering high impedance mode.
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  4. benoe
    At least the company seems to be active: they have changed their logo on their web and facebook page.
  5. kakaworu
  6. stormers
    Very nice design :)
    I personally just clip it to my necklace or shirt collar with a 40cm wire
  7. MaxwellDot
    Received the ES100 two days ago and have not been able to put it down. Such great value for the tiny size and sound quality (and very good battery life for the size). The app that can be used with the ES100 is fantastic, well designed and well thought out (and stable), really allows you to customize the ES100 functionality in more ways than one can imagine.

    Perhaps my only slight criticism is the casing seems that it would not withstand a drop on a hard floor and will crack or get seriously damaged etc on the first drop. It would have been nice if they had supplied a silicon protection case, or if they sold a version with aluminum casing (even if it adds USD 10 to the price, would still be worth it). Also as has been frequently mentioned here, the clip looks like it can break after moderate use.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  8. meringo
    a v2 and/or complementary device would be awesome... Aluminum frame, maybe a bit more power, USB C (mostly because I don't have any other cables at this point)
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  9. scotvl
    Buy it, the Kanas Pros sound amazing with both of them and the ldac connection between them is rock solid and efficient on both batteries. Their signatures are close enough that i don't miss one while listening to the other and being able to control the volume and track selection without looking at the phone while on the go or laying in bed in the dark is awesome.
    I also notice that the es100 has a little more headroom, on some tracks my G7 is almost maxed.
  10. WilliamLeonhart
    Hyped enough to get myself one. Going to have the earbuds' cable cut short so that the ES100 can stay on my shirt... Right now I put into my pocket, which sure is more comfortable than carry my phone around for music. The sound for sure is an upgrade from my iPhone. Not Mojo level, but the Mojo doesn't feel like nothing in my pocket.

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  11. Rowethren
    This, plus more distinct buttons would be good.
  12. kakaworu
    You are right. The best solution for me is building a short cable from a TRN cheapo balanced cable.
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  13. C_Lindbergh
    Where did you find these shorter variant?
  14. C_Lindbergh
    For a V2 i want:

    * Better build quality, no more plastic shell
    * Better buttons
    * Wireless charging (Reverse wireless charging will be the new thing this year)
    * LED that works like the BTR3
    * USB C (cmon its 2019)
    * Better clip
    * Larger battery
    * Perhaps a volume knob?

    I wouldn't mind paying a bit more than the current V1 if the hardware/build quality gains are worth it.

    in terms of sound I'm not sure if it can be made that much better with the current Bluetooth technology
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  15. mhoopes
    That all sounds great, but sounds like a different product, one that you wouldn’t clip on your shirt or get for $100. I want that one to still exist.

    No-plastic shell: More expensive. Metallic enclosures compromise reception of internal antennae. See BTR3 vs. µBTR (same radio, different result). Also, an all-metal enclosure would necessitate an external antenna.
    Better clip: Yes!
    Better buttons: Yes, a bit more protrusion and differentiation.
    Larger battery: Heavier, larger, more expensive. 8-10 hrs not enough?
    LED: I'm ok with the status quo, but am open to change.
    USB-C: Eventually.
    Wireless charging: Nice to have, but I wouldn’t pay more for it.
    Knob: How about the old jog wheel (like the middle mouse wheel/button)? I miss the Rio Karma ergonomics.

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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