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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. m4rkw
    Anyone got one yet? Really interested in this, they're not currently available to order though :|
  2. m4rkw
    This looks like a cool product but the website is making some bold claims.


    "EarStudio is the world's first full 24-bit Bluetooth audio system with balance structure that offers better-than-CD quality sound"

    Supported codecs: Qualcomm aptX Classic/HD, AAC, MP3, SBC

    Pretty sure only one of those codecs is really 24bit and has a chance of being "better than CD quality sound".
  3. m4rkw
    Email from Radsone support just now:

  4. shrisha
    I'm waiting for one which I backed on Indiegogo. There is a mess now, shipping company didn't fill the full addresses of people while sending out units. The backers on kickstarter and Indiegogo are very frustrated. But some already received theirs in a last few days and gives short but very positive feedbacks.
  5. m4rkw
    Yeah I saw, seems like a epic messup. I kinda feel sorry for Radsone as well because it seems like it was their shipping company that messed up and now resolving it is complicated.
  6. shrisha
    My even didn't send it out yet. according to tracking :frowning2: Hope this little device will justify the wait :) On a paper it seems quite impressive.
  7. sandy1010
    Be keen to hear what the lip sync delay is like on this device.
  8. subtec
    Should be unnoticeable, assuming it's used with a source that supports AptX.
  9. PiSkyHiFi
    I bought 2 of them, they've now both arrived. Fantastic devices, the balanced mode going straight into my Focal Elears is excellent. I think I prefer the sound coming from my sabre based DAP in my LG V20 directly, but only just.

    It's very functional, the app doesn't crash so far, I use one for the car and one for portable and yes, AptX HD is all it stacks up to be.

    The occasional split second dropout... other than that, good reception.
  10. m4rkw
    I saw this quote on the kickstarter:

    Presumably this might only be the case with high-sensitivity IEMs.
  11. davidland
  12. PiSkyHiFi
    Ahh, no, actually this can be an issue even with large headphones. It doesn't happen in my car because it boots up on power attached, which means the cars auxilary port isn't active until the bootup sounds are gone.

    For headphones though, best to boot up first, then put them on.
  13. m4rkw
    So you can't adjust the gain with the app?
  14. PiSkyHiFi
    Yes, you can, but at normal music listening levels, the bootup/shutdown sample is way too high.

    What I've learned so far:

    - I'm using the Android app and I leave the app running in background as this helps load a devices profile upon bluetooth connect. The app doesn't chew many resources, but will crash after running like this for a day or so - but not spontaneously. just crash when you first open the app after it being asleep for while.

    - For large headphones, the balanced mode 2x voltage seems to really shine, giving a very punchy, clean but not too harsh sound with a fairly good sound-stage.

    - So far, battery life f the device is ok, but I need to do a lot more testing on that.

    - The eq allows you to program up to 4 presets and it doesn't seem to degrade the signal much.

    - Apt X HD chews through battery pretty fast.

    - I haven't tried latency yet.

    - It does seem to glitch for a split second now and then, haven't debugged this yet, maybe the device profile needs adjustment further. It's not enough to really bother me.

    - For the car, it's great, but I do need to manually shut it down and disconnect when I arrive home, I might be able to make a tasker workaround.

    - The sound quality at its best is better than say, my Xduoo X3 direct, which has a CS4398 at it's heart, but not quite as good in accuracy as the Sabre from the LG V20 directly, which scores slightly better in all aspects.

    - The amp nature of it is very clean with a little more presence than straight out of the V20 directly, but I prefer the precision of the Sabre.

    - I think AptX HD is a success, if they can iron out the occasional split second glitch and perhaps lower the power consumption in future devices.
    bidn likes this.
  15. m4rkw
    Hmm interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing an iPhone users take on it. Those loud startup/shutdown sounds are what annoy me about the BT1 cable, but I'm using it again purely for the convenience.
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