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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. tayano
    Can’t I use CCK to connect to es100 using usb to my iPhone?

    I can’t get it to work, it connects to Bluetooth.

    Edit l: my fault. The usb-cable didn’t transfer data.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  2. Pro-Jules
    Mine froze / bricked today with a solid green LED (I updated firmware yesterday)

    Connection to USB charging worked though - back in business again.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  3. ClieOS Contributor
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  4. arbiter76
    forgive my ignorance but are those etymotics? or what? this little gray box is amazing and i am curious to try some balanced buds or cans
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Yes, Etymotic ER4SR to be exact.
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  6. manukmanohar
    Anyone else having issue with the charging being very finnicky?
    I find that unless it is held in some specific way, it doesn't charge.
  7. Pro-Jules
    Your usb cable?
  8. randytsuch
    My unit seems to be kind of picky over what USB cable I use, I've found some of my cables don't charge or I need to wiggle the connector. But with other USB cables, I just plug it in and it charges fine.
  9. arbiter76
    Thanks for quick response. I would love to try those and see that I have researched already but the price is too high. Not that it is too high but I can't justify spending that much on earphones which can easily break. Having MMCX connectors help as if you don't lose the ear buds you can replace the cable easily.

    On that note are there any balanced ear buds highly recommended that are ~$100? I can up my budget to $200 .ut really would like to keep it @ $150 tops. I would really like to see what the balanced 2.5mm jack can do on the ES100. I have only recently got into ear buds and the freebie AKGs that came with my note 9 and the Radsone ES100 were heavy contributing factors. The Aiwa Prodigy 1 gave my interest more momentum esepcually considering the fact I purchased my first set on sale for $30 instead of $50. The downside to that is after I ordered them did I realize the MSRP is $50. If I make this Amazon order in time I will have a set of 1more triple drivers on the way for $60. Still itching to find some sweet sweet balanced ear buds. I am set with headphones. The ES100 has me set wirelessly and I have some AKG N60NC wireless headphones that are ok. The fit is awesome and the noise cancellation is very nice. I like my N60s more because of the fit and noise cancellation rather than the sound quality. LMAO. Seriously.

    Anyways, any balanced earbud recommendations for the ES100 and =< $150 USD? This itch needs to be scratched and better sooner than later before I keep buying more and more. I am a wanna be audiophile, not a true audiophile. Once I get a setup that far exceeds my expectations am I able to stop pursuing these itches. I came out way ahead for my home theater setup.
  10. stormers
    I would recommend checking out Shure SE215 or the Chi-Fi threads for some solid choices to get you start with the journey

    Personally I don't often hear enough difference with balanced to justify the cost. Of course this depends on individuals
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  11. mhoopes
    I feel like all IEMs with connectorized inputs are "balanced-ready". That said, most of them have low enough impedance that a ~1 Vac driving voltage would be more than sufficient. I haven't perceived an audible improvement with my IEMs in TRRS or TRS on the ES100. My HD 6XX, on the other hand, needs that voltage it to get to a usable SPL.

    @arbiter76 might be referring to balanced armature drivers (such as the all-BA ER4 series). Those ARE connectorized, though with a more proprietary keyed system. If the cable fails, though, it can be replaced. Etymotic is also decent about upgrade deals, so there's some measure of loyalty rewards.

    At $100-150, it's tough to find a really good all-BA IEM. The FiiO FA1 might be a candidate, but the data hasn't come in yet. There are hybrid options in that price range; the FiiO F9 Pro is an excellent choice, especially when one has the option to apply EQ in the ES100.
  12. Lurk650
    Yeah that's happened to me a bunch of times, I've learned to make sure the light comes on. I've left it charging while at work only to come home and found it hasn't charged at all lol.
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  13. stormers
    I thought he meant the cable with the notion "like to see what the balanced 2.5mm jack"....oh well

    Most of them are hybrid now...
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  14. LTDJ
    The charging port on mine is so tight I'm waiting for something like this to happen sooner or later.
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  15. ClieOS Contributor
    Don't think any IEM will naturally come in balanced configuration. Your best bet is to find an IEM with user removal cable (i.e. mmcx or 2 pins) that you can change to balanced cable - that is actually what my previous post is about. The ER4SR is connected to the ES100 with a short balanced cable that I made.

    As for which IEM to recommend - don't think I'll be much help here as I haven't paid attention to new IEM for awhile. But as far as your budget is concerned, I think Chinese smaller brand name might be the best way to go as they tend to offer the biggest bang for the bucks on the budget IEM realm. I do however strongly recommend against 1MORE - it has reallu good build quality, but otherwise fairly unremarkable sonically.
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