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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. LTDJ
    I'd also love to have an espresso machine functionality if possible. Thanks.

    And if that's not possible I'd be happy if you just implement proper power behaviour while charging (and by that I don't mean switch off when charged but rather respect the state in which it was in when it started and stopped charging, no resetting and switching on regardless)
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  2. Lurk650
    Maybe I'm mistaken but BT5 has no effect on Bit Rate. Bit Rate is due to codec such as AAC/AptX HD/LDAC and whatever that new one is from Shanling and their BT device. BT 5.0 is better BT signal strength.
  3. meinname123
    Yes and no:
    BT5 has no effect in bitrate (and also in signal strengh) for Audio because A2DP isn't using the BLE mode but only Core (+EDR) mode.
    On BLE you can choose since BT 5 to either raise the range for BLE Mode or double the datarate:
    "Bluetooth 5 provides, for BLE, options that can double the speed (2 Mbit/s burst) at the expense of range" (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth#Bluetooth_5)

    So if they could use both - Core (+EDR) and BLE at same time to transfer the Data (Audio) they should be able to push a few MBit/s over the BT connection (for a limited range)
    BUT it very likely we will never see this cause developing a own Protocol is a lot of work.

    //edit: small explanation:
    Bluetooth has 2 "modes" (and both can be used AFAIK at the same time)

    - Core Bluetooth with a set of default profiles - all BT Audio is sent via the A2DP Profile of this Prodocol - no Upgrades made to Core since BT 4.0
    - Bluetooth Low Energy since BT 4.0 which is for example used by Earstudio to connect the App to the device. - This was originally made for such stuff like controlling devices and get health data and other "light" stuff which not uses much range and datarate.
    But BLE was massively updated since it was introduced and got with BT 5 now relatively good speed and range.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  4. arbiter76
    The ES100 has a 350mah battery right? Something modular/piggyback would be nice (like Moto series smartphones) for times heavier is not a nuisance and chillin' like a villain is preferable. Snap extra battery on for 3x battery life. I wonder if an external detachable clip could double up as an external antenna? I don't mind metal but the clip as is seems like an afterthought. With metal casing and/or bigger expandable battery the clip would to be more substantial or other method to make your headphone wires "disappear". I have a note but am at work and haven't slept well in days. Perhaps, with some reminders I could draw a couple sketches and pass it on to Radsone. I wonder how enthusiastic Radsone is about this. I believe they are South Korean company. Startup or posing under different name? Something the size a Nokia 3310 or perhaps Nokia e71 would be cool especially if it could pump some juice into something 250 ohms. That might be a little ambitious though. I have really been getting[in into earbuds recently because of the ES100. Heck, as is, it can't make my Beyerdynamic COP (16ohms) sing like my JDS Labs C5D can. My BD 770 250 ohms work but really only serves as really passive background music.
  5. CactusPete23
    Not that I would expect Radsone to listen to us too much... But Personally think that any DAP (or phone) that is trying to send/receive signals should be made of non-metal case. (Even a metal sy=urround blocks some signals. Plastic is fine. In fact would rather see plastic backs on phones instead of breakable glass ones. There are a lot of strong plastics out there, and crazy strong fiber reinforced ones, like Carbon-Fiber. Lighter, stronger, and won't crack or break; Perfect for a portable device!
    - Always wonder why we can't get bluetooth to transmit 16/44 16/48 FLAC without any compression. Seems like LDAC has enough bandwidth to do that and eliminate any actifacts?
    - For a portable device, I would sacrifice Balanced Out, for Only having a higher quality DAC and Single Ended Amp Stage. Then Trade the balanced Amp chips and Jack, for a slightly bigger battery...
    - Know that lots of folks here like the clip. I never use it; Just put it in a pocket. Can see how folks might want a strong clip. (Non-metal to reduce signal loss? Or make that clip's Spring an Antenna?)
    Just some random thoughts.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  6. (zcus)
    Regarding the bigger battery... The es100 can easily be opened up. I haven't opened mine and don't know if it is feasible, but maybe offer a replaceable battery?

    On a side note: Under "Developer options" on my LG V20 the Bluetooth options have a bit depth option and it defaults to 32bit. Should this be changed to 24bit when using the ES100?

    Bluetooth settings.jpg
  7. mhoopes
    Clip-on external battery would be fine with me as an option. Perhaps there's a even 3rd-party power bank that could be DIY'd in place. As for an external antenna: a clip form factor and location may be difficult to optimize for good reception. I've designed products with 2.4 GHz antennae, and have researched radiation patterns and antenna configurations [https://www.panamax.com/products/all/compact-power/smart-plugs - those use inverted-F PCB antennae. Antenna impedance matters.]

    Good plastics can also be substantial. In the portable world, lightness is a feature. There are heavier options available with more power, but the ES100 currently stands alone with its feature set, performance, and light weight. A larger, heavier form factor sounds like a different use case.
    I know, I too want all of my DAC/amps to have the configuration options of the ES100. I'm glad I can take this one anywhere, because my iPhone Xs sucks at EQ, and I don't want to spend eternity leaving a flaming trail of B-stock returns in my wake while trying to Goldilocks my way to the perfectly-tuned-for-me-out-of-the-box earphone.

    Radsone is an established company, known for DSP IP, among other things: https://web.archive.org/web/20110507074813/http://radsone.com/. I don't know how much of their focus is on EarStudio, though, They've revealed some protos of future non-wireless products (ES200, ES400), but I haven't seen any release dates.
  8. stormers
    It's weird....I can't find myself asking for more improvement.

    The battery lasts ridiculously long (13hrs for me on LDAC x2 voltage) and the buttons are easy to press after a few weeks using.
    Call quality is great with option to turn up the mic.
    Killer EQ and App.
    Small and has a clip.
    DAC is good enough that give the blackest background I've ever heard with SE846.
    Balanced and single ended.
    Multipoint profiles (THANK YOU) work seamlessly

    Although, if I have to ask for any improvement, it would be USB C (don't even care at this point but it'd be nice to have) and a better DAC. Maybe better build (plastic, not metal).
    The software side is where I wish for improvement most. Like control over auto-off when reaching certain charge level.
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  9. subtec
    Personally I wouldn't have any use for a device 2-300% the size and weight of the ES100. However, I would gladly trade 50% greater size and weight if it meant 50% more battery life. That's only a half inch of extra width - easily still clippable to clothing.
  10. duyanh43
    Anyone have both this ES100 and the AK XB10 can do the comparison soundwise. Is a 30$ upgrade from XB10 to ES100 worth it? I searched this thread but people's opinions are different. Thanks in advance!
  11. Broquen
    I think it depends on personal preferences and use. With 50% more of weight and size, I won't be using it too much (specially when it's hot and wear only an skirt), and if I have to keep it in the pocket... Well, then I'd prefer to use the smartphone jack, due to its already nice internal DAC. One of the true strengths of the ES100, as has been said before, is the versatility vs. portability it has, due to its reduced size and weight.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  12. duyanh43
    So basically they are about the same in sound quality right? I don't find the XB10's portability to be a problem imo.
  13. Pro-Jules
    6A4793B6-8D53-4C7E-A6A5-F6A7A6509169.jpeg Working great in the gym.
  14. darkwing
    yup, USB-C should be a requirement on a new model
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  15. randytsuch
    I just found this post from last May about future earstudio developments

    Not really interested in a USB DAC, and at least back then the ES100 MarkII was not happening.

    I'd like better battery life, but hasn't been a problem for me so far. Most of the time I use at work, and can charge when needed.
    Was skiing with it a few weeks ago, and the battery lasted as long as I could ski these days lol.

    I really like the small form factor, and sound quality that they have achieved in this tiny box.
    I'm listening to more music since I've bought the es100, probably the biggest compliment I can pay to an audio device.

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