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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. benoe
    It seems that the volume level calculation is still off in some cases, like balanced 2x voltage is louder (naturally) than 1x, but the calculated values doesn't reflect this.
  2. smorgar
    I have forgot to mention that i love a new feature in the EQ. If you grab the EQ dot/handle and drag it up/down its all normal. If you change one band by grabbing further from the dot/handle it moves slower. MUCH easier to set it now. Thank you once again Radsone!

    Wish list for ES110(?):
    A bit larger with higer battery performance
    No clip since its larger and should be stored in pocket
    Micro SD card slot for playing media localy which is 90% controlled by smartphone since it has no display. But you should be able to press play and play from SD card "in the blind"
    Better implementation of status LED
    Maybe: The new 4,4mm BAL Pentaconn connector since its a larger unit

    I'm waiting for the ES200 that i want to use as DAC with my HTPC. I hope they deliver soon but perfection takes time... :)
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  3. Marco Angel
    I also would want to have a bigger battery, maybe a beefier amp section, but no micro SD. The whole point of the ES100 is to use your dap- phone as a transporter, so in my case, the microSD lives in my S9 and the interfase will be a lot better than almost any dap
  4. wenbinbin2010
    I would also love to see better design of the buttons to help with blind pressing. Always takes me a few tries to find the right button for volume vs. forward/backward, and then I end up pressing the wrong direction.

    I feel like putting all the buttons on the front might help with that, and having different and more prominent button shapes.
  5. waynes world
  6. mhoopes
    Since some of us are rolling out our wishlists, I'll state mine:

    • No heavier than the current version.
    • Protruding buttons that can be operated with lightweight gloves (such as these). [edit] Here's an example of a mod I did that achieves this: Post #3160.
    • Shirt clip with better retention.
    • 24-bit USB audio for Windows.
    • Siri/Google Assistant switching with double-click of the power button (I assume it's a hardware limitation, otherwise...why not by now?).
    • Medium-long-press (1-2 sec) on power button pauses music, activates Ambient Sound. AS/pause off with short press.
    • Configurable power-off timer, when no content is playing.
    • Power off after charging complete, no content playing.
    • More custom EQ presets. Preset buttons on same page as sliders.
    • @SubMash had a plethora of UI suggestions in Post #2702.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  7. smorgar
    So be able to play songs without phone/BT codec from local sd card is not appealing to you because the point of the es100 is not to do it?
    I'd say it would be a welcomed feature for when I don't want my phone but still use my "es110". Like in the gym.
  8. Broquen
    Local SD music playing means some kind of interface and more hardware (more weight, screen, bigger...) or play music blind. In my case, if I'd wanted a DAP I'd have bought a DAP. Not for me either, thanks.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  9. smorgar
    Es100 is a DAC and you bought it. Good for you? :)

    Read my first post about this. No display. SD card is able to play files locally in the blind like that old iPod nano? Play/pause prev/next but no display. From your phone with the ear studio app you can as well play media locally from the SD card in es110. You can make play lists etc via the app from your phone. AND you can stream to it via BT like the es100.
    The benefit would be that you can play music without your phone connected. And also skip the BT degradation of the sound.
    A little DAP functionality to add in the mix that you mainly control from your phone. I think Hiby does something like this .
  10. Trapok
    ES100 is a Bluetooth DAC. I don't want them to add two wheels cause I want to do a little cycling when I play music....
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  11. Broquen
    I meant DAP. Edited..
  12. Winterheim
    I do love the ES100. Maybe if there are any changes I'd look forward to, it's a larger battery, premium build material like an aluminum unibody to add a bit more weight to it, and metal/sturdier 3.5/2.5mm jacks.

    Personally, I don't see any value in adding some form of independent playback capability. There's a couple of DAPs out in the market that already allow for BT streaming along with dedicated playback capabilities but with a small profile. I think the ES100 is targeting a different section of the audio market.
  13. arbiter76
    Nope nope nope. No AI assistant. The ES100 is all about music and I like it like that. I would not mind it being 2 or 3 times bigger with more battery and/or clip being optional as in you can install it yourself. Heck, it could be a little bit thinner but definitely twice the size. A little more power would be great. While we are dreaming, a hint of modularity. 2 or 3 battery sizes to choose from, type of clip and since I like to dream big an antenna.

    Part of the beauty of the ES100 is it's size . It is also a hindrance. The buttons could use a little more tact. Add shapes to the FF/Rew and vol ± and leave power button as is . I am sure everybody wants apt xx LL but I bet that license is more expensive.

    And for the person earlier that was asked what they were filming. How a fake lens attachment so we can say we are snooping on kids or looking for predators snooping on kids .

    Oh yeah. A nice option could be a high quality right angle headphone jack. As is, the ES100 would be a lot cooler if I had a nice right angle jack but I don't.
  14. arbiter76
    Aluminum unibody? Great idea. Went from awesome Bluetooth receiver to make your jam session wireless to a run of the mill overpriced DAC cuz I gots to have dat AL! excuse me, do you use apple products?
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  15. Broquen
    And an optional pair of NICE short cables. I'd for sure pay for them gladly :darthsmile:
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